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Re: so this stupid bitch...

Posted by alexandra_k on January 19, 2021, at 16:13:35

In reply to Re: so this stupid bitch..., posted by alexandra_k on January 19, 2021, at 16:04:37

and then there will be batches of them, you see.

with the same teacher or the same tutor.

then they can ensure that the kids from certain schools get the best grades and the kids from certain other schools... don't. because of the differences in the information they are fed and the strict directive given to all to only do what they were fed. this ensures the integrity of the system whereby the aim of the system is to ensure that people are kept in their Proper Places according to the NZ government.

compliance becauses the primary objective because that's how we ensure people are kept in their places. people who don't comply with the instructions (people who do things better than the instructions they were given) are a source of... problem... because they could possibly / potentially do better than the slowest of the slow when it comes to keeping up with more complex directives.

they just can't raise the bar on the difficulty of the tasks that high because they need to ensure that no child of a wealthy elite is left behind. and it's hard becuase the brightest kids of the unwashed masses might accidentially find themselves exposed to quality materials... oh dear. that will upset the natural order.


i know... people don't think.

if they did...

i guess that's what i'm trying to do with my writing.

people to go 'no. i don't think that'.

so then question becomes 'well then why are things this way instead of all these things we could do to improve things and make them genuinely better and fairer for more. it won't matter so much if the not so bright kids of the wealthy elite have a position in life that is percieved to be lower down the hierarchy if we simply do away with these destructive and unhelpful ideas of hierarchy. if we treat people better across the board then we don't have to force peopel to do things they are unsuited to'.

we could finally get with the f*ck*ng programme.

what programme?

we could become a first world country.

nononononononoo my kid wants the piece of paper that says they are a doctor, lawyer, engineer, software engineer, bridge designer, payroll system designer and all of the money and power that goes with that.

well then... we don't get to have teh things that those people do.

only hire the incompetent.

to ensure we never get to have any of the things that those people are supposed to do. what it was that was supposed to be valuable about tem.

the point of a university education.

we only give degrees to people who can't read and who can't write. indistinguishable from a computer program.


brought to you by coca cola and the new zealand government and google.

telling people what to think / say / do / drink




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