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Re: to be fair

Posted by alexandra_k on December 23, 2020, at 16:42:01

In reply to to be fair, posted by alexandra_k on December 23, 2020, at 16:25:00

it's not that i didn't have anything to lose financial-wise (though apparently some parents expressed concern about potentially having to sell their house to pay for it)...

but that was after they signed the contract...

you sort of go: there are 3 groups of people who apply to early decision. firstly, the people who have enough money to pay the whole thing and they are prepared to do that. they chose to do that instead of waiting... instead of applying for merit scholarships and the like. likely they are academically weaker but want to go to college for... well... they write essays all about it.

secondly, the people who are too stupid to realise what they are signing up for. who have houses or savings or whatever... who go 'it's likely we'll get some funding from them to help' and... well... they can look into the situation, i suppose, and they can decide. but they make their financial aid offer and.... you are liable (you signed the contract) for the rest of it. that makes it a silly contract to sign for people with more limited means. who need to be thinking about what aid packages are on offer or thinking about how the school actually calculated aid... will they be required to sell their house? take out another mortgage? and so on... it seems silly to sign that without seeing what other quotes are / what other colleges have to say / whether one has options.

thirdly, the people who have nothing to lose / which is to say nothing to contribute, really. so these people aren't stupid -- they didn't stupidly sign a contract that could leave them destitute... well... maybe my mother did. would they have taken her house? do i care?

50 cents per week... and she wouldn't do it. there were other things... things that didn't cost her any money. letting me to go school camp when everybody else in the whole class went and when class activities for the next month were to be based on it. this was a punishment because i didn't tell her that i needed to take a packet of biscuits for supper until teh night before when i was packing. because the threw a f*ck*ng tantrum about it. about having to contribute a f*ck*ng packet of biscuits for school camp (she had the money). it was never about the money for my mother. it was always about everything else. conditions of misery and forced compliance.

and still...

people think they own me or have some claim on me that this is my lot in life in new zealand.

no matter how many laws they violate to do it... it's just an angry mob.




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