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Re: to be fair

Posted by alexandra_k on December 23, 2020, at 16:33:47

In reply to to be fair, posted by alexandra_k on December 23, 2020, at 16:25:00

so by getting rid of me they reckon they bring the crime rate down in the neighbourhood. because i phone the police when someone is screaming and when someone is smashing things up (not always but sometimes) but it would bring the crime rate down if people would shut up and report things a bit less.

they can keep it in house.

and, i don't know, fight it out. knives next? guns? i don't know... they would rather do that than have a couple kids who are capable of living without creating problems in the neighbourhood mixed in amongst working professionals and elderly people and so on... with quality housing.

they would rather have a tribe where the most aggressive bully is the tyrant over the people.

well okay.

good luck with that.

i mean... what am i supposed to say?

and they go 'wah wah wah we give you everything and you still want more'.

uh, i should have been selected to medicine. several times over. but you got it into your head a place to me was a place for someone who was not your chosen kid and you choose your chosen kid who will bully and abuse you when they get the chance becaues that's what happens when you get people who comply (they fester behind closed doors).

it's like when there's a bump under the rug and you push it down and the bump pops up someplace else... if you force people to comply it won't be long until they are doing things to you... because they can. that's a sort of quid pro quo long term consequence of your actions kind of a thing..

and it's not to much to ask for an electrition to come and provide a free quote so i can look into sources of funding.

there no excuse for that. the refusal to do that. no excuse.

appraently 'they don't have to'.

but what's the problem is that they don't *want to*. they don't want to provide clean green healthy homes for their people.

that's the problem.

they won't unless they are forced. it's all about force and compliance and getting away with forcing because you can and forcing compliance.

and there are certain things that slaves won't do.




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