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to be fair

Posted by alexandra_k on December 23, 2020, at 16:25:00

In reply to Re: private universities, posted by alexandra_k on December 22, 2020, at 20:29:21

so she got early decision offer from Harvard without an offer of funding. that means she (and her parents) signed a contract saying they would pay the fees associated with the 4 year degree. I don't know how much she is required to live on campus with a campus meal plan etc etc but she financially committed to that.

i didn't have anything to lose applying for early decision. which is... a bit cheeky, to be fair, i suppose...

but i do wonder if her parent knew what they were signing up for -- because they are committed to paying the entire amount.

i get that the extra-curricular stuff is about trying to justify letting people in with lower grades or whatever. less academic inclincation or capacity or whatever. they can say that they excel because of their sports or whatever. they like to say because they are socially skilled. by which they typically mean they are good at placating bullies.

they say they are need blind for domestic students. that is a huge deal. admissions decisions are independent of ability to pay. if true... then i guess those early decisions really really are about collecting up the money to distribute down the track. they say they are need aware on internationals. which is fair, i suppose.

i would likely criticise them or think a bit worse of them if they prioritised things for me when they had an equally talented person in their backyard who also needs a hand up. because there's something particularly bad about being ignored or held back by people in your vicinity etc.

nz still doesn't get me. the poor maaori think they have some claim on or over me. that i need to be taught a lesson in compliance. they don't understand (they seem to lack the capacity to understand) that there are certain things that slaves won't do. and they (and their people) won't get things like healthcare and education and the like until they learn to listen a little.

i am always berated by people for not listening to them... they ask a question and i answer and i say stuff and they want to have their rant. their lecture. their time to speak. they want to give me a little lecture on how i don't listen to them and so on. then once they've talked themselves out i can say 'well, for the third time x' in response to their question.

and the issue is i came back to this country in 2012. and my patience is all worn out. because they would like me to be homeless to teach me a lesson in compliance if i don't comply with them... that's what they would want / will for me. and life expectancy for the homeless is around my age. and mostly it's death by suicide. but they would happily have that fate for me if i don't comply...

all i asked for was for a registered and qualified electrition to come out and write down various options for bringing the building into healthy home standards so we would have some kind of initial quote estimate.

that's what i asked for.

and over
and over
and over
and over
and over

and still -- they bring papers to the tenancy tribunal that sue from reception thinks the current heater is wired okay and that an electrition signed off on everything with no mention at all of an installed heater.

are tehy really that stupid?

what's the f*ck*ng problem?

they call me bully and they call me abusive and so on that they refuse to sign the form to authorise a qualified electrition to provide a (free) costing.

i made it clear i wasn't demanding they take the electrition up on any of the options. i was willing to look into what sources of funding may be available.

they were determined that the kids could simply run inefficient oil column or whatever heaters all the time. because, you know, we don't give a sh*t about efficient heating or climate change. not interested.


they don't get that they won't get doctors or lawyers or engineers... healthcare or sewerage...

we just sit about listenign to their b*llsh*t all day.



for teh good of the people?


not at all.

there's none so blind as...




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