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Re: private universities

Posted by alexandra_k on December 22, 2020, at 20:29:21

In reply to Re: private universities, posted by alexandra_k on December 22, 2020, at 19:51:58

apparently our GDP is up.

i think it is because of the formula... whereby exports minus imports puts us at a loss.

because we liked to import vast volumes of rubbish from india and china and so on. vast volumes of rubbish produced by slaves or workers working in conditions of slavery.

the volumes of rubbish that new zealanders would only purchase if they were forced to by the new zealand government. for example, the vast volumes of new zealanders required to get work and income welfare quotes for items so they were forced to purchase mostly not fit for purpose stuff that would break because the government requred them to purchase vast volumes of rubbish.

so putting a limit on imports because of covid means out GDP is increased.

i think that's what happened there.

GDP went up with the lock down and stay at home.

and all the empty apartments...

still empty...

there's hardly anything on the rental market. it's a... fixing... thing that they do. they decide what property is right for you. where you are allowed to live, and so on.

they thought it was hilarious joke that i'd live so close to the medical school... so close... so close... and then they'd build up the homeless and child abuse slums and so on around me. the drugs and prostitution and crime element all around me.

because i've been saying all my life 'you realise that this and that the other way you do things forces people to a life of crime etc... don't you'?


and of course they interpreted that as 'permission to carry on'.


they're nasty.

they're nasty like that.

and why would i help them?

why, i wouldn't.

they don't pay me.


where's the money?

grubby grubby grubitty grub grub grub

where's the money?

where's my money?

where's my share of the money

where's the money for the work that i do.

you are required to pay competent people to prosecture offenses.

you are required to pay competent people to process applications.

and so on.

and they don't do any of the things that they are supposed to do.

cry cry cry cry cry for handouts...

we know where the vaccines will go in new zealand because we know where the flu shots went earlier in the year and we know where the mmr vaccines go, too...

we know...

and i know people want to market that evil predimonates and triumphs. because that's what they are. and it's just a few. a few who are adept at putting the fear into... throwing more than their weight around...

and the world knows them to be pests.

but it can be a whack-a-mole situation.

people will grub the vaccines before they are supposed to have them.

and they deserve what they get if they are prepared to do a thing like that.

when they know full well they can protect themselves with ppe and they have money and they had time to invest in researching and purchasing the equipement to protect themselves... some of them did. so if they grubby grubby grub vaccines for themselves... when those vaccines are supposed to be for the most vulnerable people who don't have the power to protect themselves with ppe and the like...

they deserve...


what would 'cutting corners on a longitudinal study' look like. a longitudinal what?

they set up something that looks suspiciously like ACC to deal with any issues arising from vaccines (so as to effectively silence that constituency).

what seems to be most plausibly what they are up to?

population cull, i suppose.

just stay out of it and let things play out.

the worst of the gubbity grub grubs who believe tehy are in teh position to put themselves first.




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