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private universities

Posted by alexandra_k on December 22, 2020, at 18:01:48

so i'm trying to understand about the 'test optional' and even 'gpa optional' policies that have been introduced -- supposedly in the name of equity or fairness.

but i think the idea wasn't 'these kids have been stealing training places that were rightfully someone else's'. the idea was 'these parents are paying thousands of dollars for phoney test scores or phoney grades and that is money we would rather go to the university in the form of fees or alumni donations or whatever'.

i think about how much our government officials are paid... and i think about how some people pay 70 or even 90 per cent their income in new zealand to live in other peoples substandard and unhealthy rental properties while other people don't even pay 50 per cent of their income to send their kid on a full ride to a top private american university.

civil servants. that's how much they take from the government.

there was this thing about a kid who got a place at Harvard... the whitest of the white maaori... excellence in NCEA... i remember all the kids at salmond college saying that they all got excellence in NCEA... everybody did. but apparently she also had the top violin teacher. i imagine she had the only violin teacher. i mean to say the only person who was allowed to play the violin. i mean to say teh only person who was allowed enough money to play teh violin. i mean to say the only person who was paid to teach the violin. i mean to say teh only person who was able to have a violin without someone stealing it or whatever. great.

and so i see what that's about, really.

and i don't feel jealous... i feel disappointed. to thinkt hat thats actually whats going on and that's actually how things go.

why don't people want to work towards something worthwhile?


so i don't beleive the news or wikipedia or much of anything at all, now, in the days of the internet. it's clear that our media is just an endless stream of propaganda. has been for the longest time.

it's like art you read it or whatever and you ask yourself: how do i feel in response? what emotion is the work intended to invoke or evoke?

and the art is very very oppressive in new zealand and has been for a very long time. taking the piss art is something that springs to mind. apparently it is something to do with the lawyers and the accountants and those in teh know as to how you spam applications for funding for the arts. so the money goes to them on the side rather than to artists...

that makes sense. of why there isn't any. of the level or degree of talent. of what we deem excellent. becuase it's already decided that this kid or that adult is excellent and everything else is just a retrospective rationalisation or justification of that.

that some people have all the stuff and some others don't have stuff. have been thrown to the rubbish.

teh buildings are substandard and so on to scare people away. so reputable people. knowledgeable peopel. skilled people. so they run away. the superficial aspects. it's really just to hide and protect the few murderers and tortureres and rapists and so on...

apparently the cartwrite inquiry didn't lead to the experiement stopping.

i suppose the true nature of the experiment wasn't just that he was watching women die of cervical cancer without informing them they had cancer and without informing them of treatment options or currently accepted best treatment options... it was worse than that...

he was taking cervical cells from newborns. without their parents permission. to look for abnormalities. i bet these people were pressured rather a lot to have smears for however many years after that...

i imagine it was worse than that... likely when we took a biopsy sample he intentionally infected the infant with this or that or the other strain of HPV. i imagine that was the idea, really, to do a 'longitudinal study' on the effects of HPV infection. they would say it wasn't really an experiment just an observational study.

like the observational studies of rheumatic fever from intentionally withholding antibiotic treatment for strep infection.

like the observational studies of that black mould in the cold in your house fungis in your lungs that becomes metastatic cancer / sporulates around the body...

i'm sure we could go on with all the unauthorised medical trials new zealand repeatedly and routinely inflicts upon it's own population.

uv radiation and skin cancer. natural progression of skin cancer when it isn't removed. likely toxic effects of whatever it is they've bene putting in the sunscreen for however many years...

and then glass and bone health -- or how much you can destroy people's bone health and immune system by preventing access to sunlight. in the prisons. in teh hospitals. in the aged care facilities...

just on and on and on and on and on and on and on...

they actually are required to train me. to be accountable to the new zealand public.

they actually are required.

if the judiciary refuses to uphold rule of law and get the exective to follow the laws then the government has no claim to legitimate power.








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