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Re: court tomorrow

Posted by alexandra_k on December 6, 2020, at 1:33:14

In reply to court tomorrow, posted by alexandra_k on December 6, 2020, at 1:24:20

we are supposed to have an inquisitorial justice system. that means the judge is allowed to be an active inquirerer in the interests or pursuit of justice.

that means our judges are not limited to the things the lawyers bring before them.

that means that the lawyers failure to bring 'bill of rights violation and request for damages for emotional harm arising from unlawfully depriving her of freedom' shouldn't preclude damages being awarded to her for the fact that she was in fact unlawfully deprived of her freedom.

so.. if i forget to dot an i or cross a t and the judge says 'no damages'.

if i don't please the appropriate cause of action in breach of contract or bill of rights or whatever...

that does not absolve the judge of their duty to to the court to uphold justice.

i know in advance i won't see justice done.

that is because the new zealand government has invested in promoting this ideology / this expectation / this.. reality... whereby the mob does whatever the mob likes with impunity. and where 'justice' is simply putting a rubber stamp on whatever the mob liked to do.

there is no justice in nz.

the people here seem to lack the capacity to comphrehend it. what it would look like.

lack the capacity to identify fairness when they see it...

lack the capacity to choose to uphold it.

i suppose international community has, effectively, locked down our borders such that citizens can return home (arguably, sort of, depending on whether the nz government processes their applications and they are presently refusing to process some of the applications of their citizens)...

australia has returned a lot of nz criminals (upon release from australian prisions at the end of their sentances for crimes they committed while in australia) back to nz...

rich people are paying their way in... their visa applications are being expediated...

'high priority visa applicants' like apple pickers and cleaners are having their visa applications expediated...

but mostly the borders are locked down. mostly they are.

it really is concentration camp island.




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