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mini gang bangers

Posted by alexandra_k on December 1, 2020, at 15:39:41

so my building it being taken over by mini gang bangers.

i think it is because the walls are concrete internally. which is pretty rare in these parts. usually the internal walls (and sometimes even the external walls) are cheap plywood that can be easily destroyed with fists or objects or feet. but concrete walls will withstand a beating. so there's only a limited amount of damage that the kids can do. you can bolt the oven to the floor and... what else is there??

then the paint job is cheap acrylic with no undercoat so it simply will start peeling off of it's own volition after 6 months or 1 year or whatever. so plan to re-paint between tenants. then, the government guarantors the bond on these tenants and the landlord says it's tenant damage that they need to repaint between tenants.

so now it's looking like renting to government tenants with governmetn as a guarantor is a good deal. free paint job and fresh carpet between tenants, if needed. all on the governments dime.

then how about building compliance? when you have tenants getting the cops called on them regularly for beating each other up and breaking glass windows (that can progressively be replaced by boards of wood) and smoking their drugs... then those tenants typically don't complain about lack of building compliance.

so they don't provide healthy home standards on things like heating or ventillation.

it's a real race to the bottom.

they move me in at a time when they are marketing the apartment building as 'up market' to fetch top rents. then a couple months later the cheap boarding house posters start showing up around the building and they tack a sign to the outdoor wall saying cheap weekly rent rates in furnished rooms.

then they increase the rent they charge to the government funded boarding house kids because i fixed the market rent price you see. so now we have most expensive boarding house ever. so then they increase my rent becuase my flat is a bit bigger than theirs...

so i take them to the tenancy tribunal and we all are paying too much rent to live in this high crime building.

and they installed these awful wall panel heaters that are not fit for purpose. they are, like 475 watt heaters that only heat the concrete wall they are mounted on and cannot heat the room at all. but they also miswired them when they installed them. you want to run the power cable up the back of the heater, you see, so it's not visible from the front, so it looks neater. only the instruction manual says clearly 'do not run the cord behind the heater'. so that means you would need to supply more screws etc yourself to secure the cord to the wall keeping it away from the front plate that heats up. only, nobody is going to do that...

only... instead of having them so the tenant could plug it or unplug it... they hardwired the cord. so i can't unplug it. so i'm not responsible for keeping teh cord away from the heater. i cannot move the cord away from the back of the heater.


the tenancy tribunal ruled that they did wire them in a way that broke manufacturers instructions so likely was unsafe. so orderes $1000 pay out.


so i emailed the Lifewise people whose job it is to help these vulnerable kids (and not to profiteer from them) and told them about the unsafe heater wiring and about the tenancy tribunal ordering my rent to come down becuase i was paying too much because of the crime in the building.

so that means the Lifewise people should lodge a complaint about the 14 flats or whatever that they have. Get back the rent amount they were over-charged. Get pay-outs for the unsafe wiring.

Does Alex get a 'thanks' from Lifewise?

Course not.

Course not.

You are welcome.

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Thank yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou. I'm evicted because you choose to pay too much rent and because you choose to turn a blind eye to building compliance...

Because they chose to sell out the kids.

The only reason people want to work with vulnerable kids is to exploit them.

That's the point in targeting them with 'vulnerable' label.

What are you going to do about it Alex ahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahaha

Well... I'm going to document things (I told politicians and I'm documenting things here).

There's a list, somewhere, right, of people who choose to live like animals who good people will not (cannot) do good business with.

The people whose job it is to help who profiteer, I mean.

Can hear them now.

F*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck.

Its the most expensive boarding house for unsupervised teenagers there ever was.

So they can be this gateway between the prosititution district and the student residential halls and the hospital and the population / public health building and the medical school.

So it isn't safe to walk around on the streets at night...

To scare the kids of the doctors and senior officials into copmliance, i guess.

Otherwise that will be their fate.


Yeah. That's how we like to do this thing that we like to call 'business'.




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