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Re: Amazing stuff

Posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2020, at 3:36:02

In reply to Re: Amazing stuff, posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2020, at 3:14:17

When I did Logic at Uni year and years ago... I was afraid I would do badly because I thought it would be math and I was bad at math..

I got the book early and read it and worked the problems...

I did put a lot of work into it.

It was Copi and Cohen.

We did truth tables to define the logical operators (AND, OR, IF THEN, NOT).
So.. P AND Q is true if and only if P is true AND Q is true. P OR Q is true if and only if either P is true or Q is true or both are true (inclusive or)...

And then we had 21 rules of inference.

I think there were maybe 8... Um... Arguments. For example...
If given an argument like this:
1. P
2. IF P then Q
You could write:
3. Q 1, 2 Modus Ponens (MP)

And then there were a bunch of substitution rules.
So from 'P and Q' you could simplify to 'P'.
Or you could do addition from 'P' to 'P OR (anything you like).

ANd then the goal or aim... Was that you would be given a certain number of premises... And you had to infer some conclusion. Off you go... ANd yes, we had to memorise the rules... Which was actually really helpful for seeing what to do to get the conclusion out. Because it might not be written with p or q. p might stand in for a much much much longer expression... So you needed to identify the form...

Not explaining the best... But I liked it. It made sense to me. I could do it.

There were also brackets for order of operations and different brackets for different orders. Round brackets. Square brackets. Curly braces.

I don't remember the BEDMAS rules very well. When I look at maths I go 'that's not a well formed formula! surely! it's nonsense. It looks like nonsense to me!! Go away and put your brackets in and we'll talk later!!'

And then we did stuff... Some and All... And the notation for that. ANd was okay, too.

And at some point someone showed me stuff in polish notation.

And it looked. Weird. ANd it looked wrong. ANd it looked very very very very strange. And it looked backwards.

And they were like, huh. Most people like polish notation better because it's more like maths. How they write the things in maths...

So it is something with me about the standard notation or something like that about how maths is written down or represetned or taught. It's not that I can't do it... But I get to a bit and it just strikes me as very odd or very strange or very wrong. It just seems really off and doesn't compute. ANd I need to spend a bit of time, actually, going over and over and over and over the really most basic thing so that it feels natural and automatic. And then prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr things start to compute the way they are supposed to. The way tehy do for everyone else, I guess. I suppose it is the most basic conceptual thing.




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