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Re: politics

Posted by alexandra_k on November 11, 2017, at 0:02:37

In reply to Re: politics, posted by alexandra_k on November 9, 2017, at 23:42:56

and you've got all these people... all these people crying for / fighting over pieces of the pie. we want to help this group or that group or whatever. we think a piece of the pie should get to go to them... and they bicker amongst themselves and so on...

and then it turns out that something they can all agree on... is that they should just split up the pie amongst themselves. they can spend the pie on air fares to the capitol. on decent hotels. on dinners. on conferences. on drinks. on free friday cocktails for everyone working in the department of whatever and all their friends and family, too. they can spend the money on their own salaries. on cars to get around. they can spend the money on an intern or two (whatever we call those) to write whatever report or inquiry.

and nothing is left for the actual people they were talking about in the first place.

you have to meet with people and have a 4 day all expenses paid hui, alex. that's just the way things are done here.

yeah. that's the way things are done here.

thats the way you get to play with the people who get things done. just look at the things they get done. do you want to play with the people who get things done?

i think you just want to stay the hell away.

to be honest.


i think it might be a waiting game.

before... there was something i could be doing. i could be studying. there was something i could do to have control over things. work harder.

now... its about waiting. waiting to hear about my grades... but waiting to hear about whether or not i have a place...

about waiting to see if a suitable place to live comes up...

while they try and starve me out...
beat me down...
see if they can persuade me to live with the drug dealers and the prostitutes. see if they can guilt me into it:
you think you are better than them?
you think you are so special?
here is this lovely place and you are all livnig by yourself, oh yes, you are (with shared bathroom and kitchen and people rummaging through your stuff every day to check you don't have knives or needles or guns or methamphetamine)

they put families in motels. the government defended it recently... at least it was habitable. they put offenders in there, too, because communities get upset about having violent offenders in them etc (no idea why - maybe because we are supposed to help each other instead of asking for professional help)...

i don't know why things feel ilke... such a farce. such a f*ck*ng farce down here.


yeah... that is where the money goes. it's the social norms. corruption. that is what it is. complicit...

it's funny, isn't it... how all these people kill themselves... but then all these other people... you wonder how they can live with themselves... i... i really just don't understand that, at all.

i don't really know what to say.

i think it is about patience, now. the patience to... wait and see. to not feel pressured into doing something (anything) something... to not make the situation worse. just sit tight. if i have to eat sh*t for a few weeks... so be it.

it feels like... psychological torture. thats the thing. the inner city in auckland... felt like vibrations / frequencies were being emitted... intentionally. the kind of thing that defence knows all about but most people are too stupid to understand / give credit to / know what /h ow its effecting them. like how people don't understand about advertising and about eating poision labelled food. people don't understand about the vibrations / frequencies.

mass control...

of course there would be a f*ck ton of money in that...

i feel sad life is so awful for so many. i feel sad that there is so many, so very much awful.

there aren't even all that many people down here. or up there. everything is empty nearly all of the time. just certain times of the year and day when everything is intentionally clustered / concentrated.

all the empty houses...

sitting there, empty...

but gotta keep the homeless people together...

and pity would be no more... if we did not make somebody poor...




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