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Re: THE root cause of TRD is

Posted by LostBoyinNC45 on February 24, 2014, at 9:09:34 [reposted on February 24, 2014, at 16:51:47 | original URL]

In reply to Re: THE root cause of TRD is, posted by baseball55 on February 24, 2014, at 0:04:38

Im not bothering to reply to all the negative, defeatist, posters here who clearly are against the idea of mentally ill folks voting more consistently. And are against mentally ill writing an email or two or three a year with their Congressman and two federal Senators on federal funding for science research.

I really am kind of flabbergasted by the responses I get when I post on the subject of voting and writing legislators. It really does kind of leave me shaking my head. It really does leave me thinking "LOSERS," and not only that but it leaves me thinking, "a lot of these people actually WANT to be LOSERS."

I know clinical depression can make you really negative and defeatist and apathetic. So can schizophrenia and bipolar. Still though, the fact so many post here and write so much stuff on a regular really makes me wonder WHY so many here and elsewhere on similar Internet sites can post so much stuff (writing), yet refuse to take it offline and vote and write legislators on these mental illness subjects.

I have been told that some people with mental illness are paranoid regarding voting and emailing their legislators. That has never been my personal experience. But maybe that is what the deal is with some of the folks who post here and elsewhere. I dont know. It just stumps me.

As for excuses as to why you cant/wont/dont want to vote and write consistently, you can have your excuses. Excuses are for losers.

As far as the last post about the NRA being so effective as a lobby, NO, the reason the NRA is so effective as a lobby is very very simple. The NRA even admits it publicly. It stumps people even, its so simple. The NRA just has a membership that votes and writes legislators consistently. Its not donations to the NRA, its not that they have extra good trial lawyers as lobbyists, its not that they have gun companies supporting the NRA financially. Its the simple fact the vast NRA membership is willing to get off its duff every two years and vote for pro-2A candidates.

I see nothing even remotely approaching anything like that within the mental health advocacy community. If the mental health advocacy communist was serious about improving things for people with serious mental illness, they'd be on regular rallying campaigns to get YOU to vote regularly. Organizing you people like the Teamsters organize, getting you people registered to vote like ACORN did prior to comrade obama's first successful run for President in late summer and fall 2008.

Instead, mostly what NAMI does is ask for donations and provides support groups for families of people afflicted with serious mental illness. I dont call that a true mental health advocacy group.

Anyway, carry on. And I will check back in once every two years or so and see the same old names on here and see nothing much has changed for the better.

Eric AKA "LostBoyinNC"




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