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If the US goverment see's this...please read.

Posted by rjlockhart04-08 on January 26, 2009, at 20:19:34

I know, alot people in the world suffer, and it's a large rate. But....i just want to tell who ever reads this, please listen...i have began anger because she "emotionally" abused, i went to school, i didnt fit in, but it doenst matter, what has been done has been done. And generally, i believe average parents care for their children, not abuse, not use them as a toy to hit, and take out their anger.

I'm not going to be dramatic, but i'm telling who ever reads this, please.....please

I wish....things where diffrent, and i wish no abuse happened in the world, but it does. I've passed the point of pain, yet "she" ignores, and indugles herself. I am going to say, what happened mentally, she screamed, she abused, and made me think.....that, i was some thing beat up. And the pain, please hear's so bad, i cannot be one "persona", i have rotate, because i know....she has a bitter heart, a manipulative spirit, and she lied through her lips to everyone.

This is the truth, take or leave it, i'm just sending out something, that has to "SOS'd". Everynight, i cry because....she loved me, then.....this control "absolute" over everything...i'm 21, and i'll get over it. But, someone....i can't blame, but what the circumances happened, it's just because of reality. You have to get over it, i truthfully admit: i was irrerponsible, and that's an excuse!

But, she did my's too painful, but forgiveness happens, but when i forgive her, she starts her abuse, control cycle. She lied to the family, "where fine" "he's unstable" why? because you abused the hell out of me! and then you blame it on me?

If anyone has an ear, i can't take this pain, subego's take the place of what "mother, and a father" should be. And, there's many in this world who had the same. Just why?.....i know the US has alot to take care of...but you have to understand, i've cried till in my bed...cleched up....but, i forget about it. Because if you hold it with you, it will destroy.

Thank you, for all that you have done. I'll get better...i just have to say this.

I can't say her name, she's ripped, taken this computer away (laptop away) because i was "crying for help" maybe, i did, say what i thought she was was, but that's not my say so.

Just know that i wish the best for the US, and i want end to pain. Bless the United States...





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