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Here's one way to track how you do over time: fill out some questionnaires, have the server save your responses, and review your progress whenever you like. Doing this in a consistent way may give you a helpful perspective on how things are going and a better idea of what helps and what doesn't. The idea here is not to make a diagnosis; that's what health care professionals are for. You may, however, want to consider sharing this data with them.

So far, there are a couple questionnaires about how you're doing:

And others about factors that may be relevant:

Registration is required, but this isn't like posting, what you submit here won't be public. Neither is this research. There might be research later, but in that case, it would be up to you whether to be involved or not. Please see Psycho-Babble Administration for discussion about these and other issues.


If you want to fill out any of these questionnaires regularly, you can have the server remind you by email. And of course if you change your mind, you can cancel those reminders.

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