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Re: my story

Posted by rjlockhart37 on February 17, 2023, at 1:48:44

In reply to Re: my story, posted by rjlockhart37 on February 16, 2023, at 18:17:27

another thing i just wanted to write, is escape from sin, no longer let sin of the world, or sinful pleasures be your passion you delight in. It is bondage, to the sin which are influenced by demonic influence. Do not seek after healers that are of new age, or witch doctors. There was a girl who got healed by witch doctor, she was healed from her disease, but later she stopped laughing, her whole personality changed, like the joy was removed. And when you ask requests, to other forces or .. angels, you will get what you want, but there will be something wrong with it, down the road. It's a mirage, its given to you, then problems start happening. Many people who said, deals with angels, or you know what im talking about, they got what they wanted, but there were problems and something wrong with them later on. Universal healing energy from stones, and chakras, there linked to forces of the beings that run this universe. There not jesus or god in the bible.

It makes you in bondage with these beings, if you join clubs or societies you have to take an oath, which is an eternal oath, which will put you in bondage with them. I was ... interested in the forces of universe, i asked the universe ... and i thought the universe was good, it would help.... i did started noticing coincidences that were strange, and i never thought it was would start making bad events happen. Like this doesn't happen with other people, but now all these bad things started happening Appliances, breaking, i was in the living room, during this time, the living room suddenly lost power, everything tv, lights, half house was dark. We hit the breaker over and over again, nothing We got a electrician out, they said something burned out the electrical cord link to the living room. And there's alot of strange things that happened, i am never asking the universe for any requests anymore, i asked the universe and nothing but bad events happened. Move out of new age, or witch doctor, soothsayers, astrologers, and especially ouija boards. You get into bondage with them, and it's hard to break free. That's all i have to say, find salvation and goodness of god, the holy spirit will never tempt you to do sins, or worldly things. It's a humble spirit and reveals things to you, in time of need, and urgency. Do unto others as you would havve them do unto you. Treat your bad enemies with kindness, and don't be like judas who came and kissed jesus as he led him to be imprisoned and killed. I wrote this because i want people to hear the truth, im a runt but wanting to save people, save them from false doctrine and wolves. Know the world does not know jesus, they know the false jesus. I'm ending this log, have kindness, and virtue in your heart. End of log

"There comes a time in your life where you have to choose to turn the page, write another book, or simply close it"
-Shannon L Alder




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