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Re: new-age last days

Posted by rjlockhart37 on December 30, 2022, at 18:54:08

In reply to new-age last days, posted by rjlockhart37 on December 23, 2022, at 21:29:24

ok im going to just repost this log, i went on in rantant, and just made a fool out myself, just read the log without any of he gibberish i posted -

i'm back for a quick log, this is a runt christian log, but i just want to log, these are thngs i learned as a kid, during weds nights bible study, don't think im some pastor or priest... all i know is, we're moving, we are in last days, freedom of speech is soon going to not exist, and there's gonna be new things, regulations, there already is, but there will be more of them, saying to benefit society as a whole. Back in previous 20th century society was less controlled, they did not have the technology to control or monitor people, and society like they do now. No one had smart phones, there was no facial recognition that security cameras now can identify people in public places. Before 1990s there was no-computer technology control over people. There was less regulation too, less controlled, more difficult to identify people and monitor their actives. But now, artificial intelligence is mainstream, it controls many things, and coming years or decade, much more control from artificial intelligence. World peace, everyone identified digitally, a new world ment to make a utopia for society, but it will be very controlled. There already is religious deceptions, false Jesus Christ, that is deceiving people by millions, people looking after signs and wonders, many higher forces above this world will control and illusion society, people don't look up and think where is this controlled system being controlled by. Much religious deception's more than in the 20th century, neo-Christianity, new age Christianity, that is not of Jesus Christ in the bible. They teach more on grace, and love, but they leave out repentance, and salvation. Jesus came to lead sinners to repentance, to show them what they are doing is wrong, it's a sin, and to repent if they sin again. And not to follow the way of the world, modernism philosophy and religions. People who follow them, im not trying to be offensive, people don't know that hellfire awaits people who do not repent. Follow the sinful pleasures of the world, have no heart, live only for human desire, sinful things.

So society is controlled, and next decade, more controlled, all activities will be known, as it is right now. They will say global peace, but it will be illusion, people will see signs in wonders in the new age christanity, they will find it and think it's pure magic. It's not truth, Jesus also said do not look after signs and wonders, he said to believe in him, in god, through faith. Last days are deception, but what mean is, people are going to be deceived religiously, through new doctrines, and doctrines that have been altered, mixed with occult practices, and doctrines of dark forces. I watched a end times video when i was a kid, in the 90s, it said there would be choas happeneing, then world peace would happen, a utopia of peace for a certain amount of years, and people would be safe, but they will be under a gridded system, controlled by one power, a being, some say it's the messiah, others say different. Any resistance, against this system, they will be persecuted and terminated. They would be considered rebellion, a resistance force. I watched many end times videos, they picked a select few of us, and told us to watch and learn. It wasn't a preparatory school, or mystery school, it was a wednesday night service they selected a few of us, had us watch and study about the tribulation.

The bible teaches about end days, but seems to not be in detail, revelation describes it, and the tribulation is read when he saints would be persecuted, and attacked, any resistance force, there would be raids, and rounding up. I don't know the global plan of what order of events, will take place before then. Have no idea, what timeline of events to happen, many people thought covid, and 2020, and Y2K, and many other end of the world, scares, they didn't happen. So, you know, 2030 comes along, heard there's gonna be high speed rails, automated cars, all sorts of theories that think would happen. All i know, headed into the direction of global peace, and system. Christains, true christains would resist the system, during that time because the tribulation. That's what we were taught when i was young, many videos, and had us read these pamphlets made about end times events. I was...young, had us read this stuff that was difficult to understand. Follow jesus in the bible, read revelation, and don't follow deceptive jesus teachings, and doctrines that teach its ok to sin, and you can become a higher being, a god, with powers. Much deception and not teaching from god in the bible. Have faith, and do goodness, no corruption in your heart, evilness can get into your heart and make it go black. Jesus said i send out as sheep amist the wolves, also be wise as a serpent, but harmless as a dove. Learn intution, and start trusting your gut, to know what is truth, and falsity. Many people don't use their gut, to know what is false teachings, they just trust whoever is teaching, or telling them what to do, and they do it. Don't do that, listen to your gut, and follow jesus. End of log

"There comes a time in your life where you have to choose to turn the page, write another book, or simply close it"
-Shannon L Alder




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