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Re: End-game

Posted by rjlockhart37 on December 5, 2021, at 20:13:12

In reply to Re: End-game, posted by rjlockhart37 on December 5, 2021, at 20:10:36

when i was young i thought things would progress and get more advaniced weell they defeintly did, but im talkinabout going all the way to 2060, thinking around that time i wouls till here. But now i realize and cannot believe, but these days are the last days. You have to prepare yourself for what going to come. I'm not ... im just a person sitting at a laptop just writing thoughts and knowing a few thingd off the internet about this. But these days, i've read over that there may be a war, there is natural disasters earthquakes, global warming, we have nevver had any of this in period in the past, maybe the ancient days which was not recorded on what went on back then. I'll get on a rabbit trail topic, but you know of the mythology tales they say about dragons and half human half horse, those are real, there not around but they ere around in the past. They are in written history books that are not available much to the public, there's alot of things that are not known through out the past. That's why they were written in fiction, like the giants and cyclops with one eye, they all existed, only thing today is they think it's fiction. There were giants before the great flood before Noah built the ark, there were perverse things going on, hybrid humans, mixed with other things besides human DNA. They were doing evil things, sodom and gommoah was from what i read on they were mean to people who traveled there, they would gain beat up people...i really don't know what went on in sodom but it was destroyted because of it's perverseness. Same thing with the flood, destroyed perversed humanity, noah and selected animals and people were place on the ark.

right now, what ever happens, repent of your sins and help your brothers and brethen and do goodness, i can't believe were acutally in the end of the end days, but it's here. I don't know what im gonna either...worried too about it. But go to the lord, and tell people to be saved from darkness in the afterlife. It's really hard to say, that going to other religions and asking them to repent, or just ... accept the holy spirit, of course there gonna say no, because they already are foundation on their religions. But all i am trying to convey, is to save people in the after life, so they will not be pained in darkness. But....just live humbly and treat brethren as thy own brother as it said in scriptures. There's a scripture somewhere in psalms saying lord is shepherd i shall not want...i think that means wanting things of the world, vanity or sinful desire that are pleasurable. I really don't know what that scripture means, maybe it means just follow the lord and not want anything that is not in his will. Like vanity or something. But to just know that this is the end, we're at end gane, alot of people don't know it. Forgiveness is also something ... in the scripture it says forgive, without forgiving your keep a grudge or bitterness that kinda corrpets your heart into coldness. Not saying that their not good, but there's no empathy it's just like you did this to me, i will not forgive you and will be punished. The scripture or jesus, sonwehere in ther said if don't forgive breathern or just people that have done your wrong, and keep bitterness, the lord will not forgive you on the last day. You can't have corruption in your heart or soul and be forgiven, but .. if you truely repent of it, it said the lord will forgive and remember no more. But just im writing this because i want people to know of these days were in. Do goodness, and forgive and help your breathing even during persecution. That's all i can think to write right now. I hope even though this post does not have knowledge from books or ancient scripture, i just feel in my soul to write this. It will save your life on the last day, do goodness, repent and help your brothers. That's all i can write i hope this could be of some help sometimes later years after.

"There comes a time in your life where you have to choose to turn the page, write another book, or simply close it"
-Shannon L Alder




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