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Re: Need a chemist: question about Taurine

Posted by kekehuhu on May 15, 2008, at 21:35:44

In reply to Re: Need a chemist: question about Taurine, posted by bleauberry on May 15, 2008, at 19:45:59

> Not sure what's up here...why taurine in a drink is ok but not when taken by itself. That makes me wonder if there isn't something else in the drink working in synergy with taurine, as well as countering the stomach probs.
> Taurine is complicated. I don't think any brain or computer on the planet can completely explain what each amino acid does. Their roles are multiple and complex. They probably vary even more from person to person.
> Taurine is basically a calming amino, similar in function to GABA, serotonin, or magnesium, and yet it also causes some dopamine release. It is a sulfury compound, which helps to stir up toxins and remove some of them...not a good thing if you've ever had amalgam fillings though...stirs up too much mercury but doesn't eliminate it fast enough to prevent repoinsoning. Taurine helps produce bile, and is good for the liver. I mean, on and on. Roles are complex.
> It just seems to me there is something else in the drink that is working with taurine or balancing it out or something like that. If taurine alone was doing you all the good, then I can't think of any reason why taurine by itself would give problems. Maybe possibly look at the ingredients and see if there are any fillers you might be sensitive to.
> The possibility exists that the taurine content on the bottle is inaccurate. There is no regulatioin to verify it. The actual taurine you ingest from the drink might be a lot lower than what it says. Then when you take a taurine dose equivilant to what you assume is in the drink, it might be a lot more than you are accustomed to. Just a possibility. Or maybe somehow liquidized taurine is more pallatable than solid. I don't know.
> For now, until you figure it out, and you might never figure it out, you might want to just stick with the drink. It apparently has something to it that taurine alone doesn't.
> What is the drink? What other ingredients?

thank you for your interest in replying to this thread.

Here's the complete list of ingredients:

taurine 2000mg (sry, thought its 3g but its 2g)
inositol 50mg
b3 20mg
b1 5mg
b2 5mg
b6 5mg
caffeine 30mg

I've vitamin B complex that contains everything above except taurine and caffeine, but I never get the same or even similar effect. I usually get very nervous when I drink a cup of coffee so I never drink it, but it seems like the caffeine in the drink is not strong enought to make me nervous.

The taurine that I'm getting upset stomach from has powder in capsules. It says Taurine 1000mg (Free-form). Under other ingredients, Gelatin (capsule) and Stearic Acid (vegetable source).

I've never had amalgam fillings btw.




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