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VitD and parathyroids TeeJay

Posted by tealady on May 28, 2005, at 18:39:28

Hi TJ,

Can't find that good diagram still on PTH, VitD , calcium etc. (and coudn't when posted to Jlx last year on VitD either!) but here's some stuff on VuItD and hyperparathyroid which might help explain it.)
I had Mum on calcium and VitD (low level but some) and small amount of magnesium (125mg mg aspartate) as I suspected something like this as she has not been out in the sun enough lately, but obviously too little too late?..or maybe its hereditary and why we both have osteopenia/osteoporosis has other members of her family? hyperparathyroidism
Causes & symptoms

Often, there are no obvious symptoms or suspicion of hyperparathyroidism, and it is first diagnosed when a patient is discovered to be hypercalcemic during a routine blood chemistry profile. Patients may believe they have felt fine, but realize improvements in sleep, irritability, and memory following treatment.

As far as I can work out vitD helps increase Calcium levels and lowers PTH ..hence VitD should reduce irritability , improve sleep and memeory by reducing PTH.
In vitamin D deficiency, the increased PTH (parathyroid hormone) maintains a normalserum calcium concentration at the expense of the skeleton (usually low normal as the body takes the minimum it can from the skeleton to keep calcium levels normal)
Mildly reduced calcium and phosphate levels are commonly seen in vitamin D deficiency, but these levels may also be normal. Often, alkaline phosphatase is elevated due to the increase in bone turnover. (from below ref)
Figure 1. Vitamin D deficiency causes a decrease in calcium absorption. The serum calcium is transiently lowered, which causes an increased production of PTH by the parathyroid gland. PTH stimulates the conversion of 25-OH vitamin D3 to 1,25-(OH)2 vitamin D3 by the kidney, which then acts on the gut to absorb more calcium and phosphate. PTH also causes resorption of calcium and phosphate from the bone. Both of these actions attempt to restore serum calcium and phosphate levels to normal. also read his VitD stuff..but high PTH (if not too bad) should be able to be lowered with VitD and magnesium to lower calcium if calcium is too high too I guess. my post to Jlx

Oh yeah VitD half life about a month or so good levels for a couple of months after stopping and 6 months before mostly all gone..which fits with our summer/winter your supposd to top up in summer by sunbaking etc ..and it supposed to last thru winter months. I think I run low by mid winter, definitely in the last month of winter. That's where I get confused with SAD, and can't work out whats what :-)

Jan tea (JT :-)




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