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Lou's reply-denial of equal protection-hecudoituyu

Posted by Lou Pilder on September 21, 2015, at 10:37:03

In reply to Lou's reply-denial of equal protection, posted by Lou Pilder on September 19, 2015, at 9:25:21

> > > Scott,
> > > Here is one way. Would that satisfy you?
> > > Lou
> > >
> >
> > Friends,
> > I think that you will do well to consider what is plainly visible here. You see, I am trying not only to save lives here, but also to stop Mr. Hsiung and Scott, and there are others also, from posting what I understand to be hate-speech. This is in particular, but not limited to defamation directed against me and the Jews. This is because of the effects of this type of hate being allowed to be seen here as supportive by Mr. Hsiung and his deputies of record, and thus the real issue is what could be done to the vulnerable people here who are subject to hatred directed at them, being the Jews and others here.
> > The harm that could come to the recipients of the hate being allowed to be seen as civil here by Mr. Hsiung and his deputies of record is that those discriminated upon here by Mr. Hsiung allowing hatred to be posted against them with impunity damages the person's self-worth as they can not count on being treated justly. They can have feelings that they are deemed to be not worthy of equal citizenship. The stereotyping and stigmatization that comes from the group- hate propaganda being allowed here to be seen as supportive, and in Mr. Hsiung's thinking be good for his community as a whole, can shape a vulnerable person that is the victim of this hate here to feel that their social image and reputation are so devalued that they could kill themselves. I am trying so hard to not to let Scott and Mr. Hsiung and the others that post hatred and anti-Semitic propaganda against me here with impunity, to stay here in order to help others from being the recipients of this on-line hatred being perpetrated here as "support", which is not a new thing, but an old tactic that is socially dangerous that could lead to a person killing themselves by having feelings of inferiority induced into them by seeing that anti-Semitism is considered to be supportive and will be good for this community as a whole according to the psychiatrist's thinking.
> > I would like for you to read all of the following and then I intend to expose the hidden hatred here being allowed to be seen as civil, providing the rule of 3 does not apply.
> > Lou
> >
> Friends,
> The harm that could be inflicted upon me here by me being denied equal protection of Mr. Hsiung's rules, is well-documented in the psychological literature that you can look up. And here, I am being called names, names that could mark the difference between life and death in vulnerable people, but I have a shield that protects me from hate being thrown at me by the posters here, but I do not have a shield from being hit from behind. And the allowing of me being called names here by Mr. Hsiung and his deputies of record, is what is causing the emotional pain that I am being subjected to here. It is that I am made to feel unworthy of receiving equal protection of Mr. Hsiung's rules here. And since he allows me to be subjected to defamatory names here, the defamation can continue to cause me emotional distress as not being worthy of equal protection of the rules here, which is discrimination being allowed by a psychiatrist saying that he justifies what he does because it will in his thinking be good for his community as a whole. That IMHHHHO is hitting me from behind and I can not stop that.
> Here is where I a hit from behind as Mr. Hsiung allows me to feel put down by Scott which could show a subset of readers that Scott and Mr .Hsiung are in concert with each other to inflict emotional distress upon me. They could have a rational basis to think that because Scott calls me a coward, which is against the rules, and Mr. Hsiung allows him to do so without his tag line to be civil which allows Scott to do it again.
> Lou

The denial by Mr. Hsiung of me having the equal protection of his rules extends to him allowing many others here to post defamation against me here with impunity. Here is another member being allowed to post with impunity what is plainly visible to be against his rules.
To understand the depth of how this statement against my character could cause emotional distress to me is not because of what the poster says about me here with impunity, but the fact that Mr. Hsiung is allowing it which denies me equal protection of his rules which demeans me to think that I am unworthy of being an equal member in this community, which could make me into a pariah and stigmatize me when Mr. Hsiung could have prevented it. This subjects me to extreme emotional distress that if he was to do this to a more vulnerable member here, that IMHO could lead them to kill themselves.
I am trying to stop Mr. Hsiung from allowing third-party members to post contemptuous messages with impunity in order to insure that he does not allow it to be done to you. For if he succeeds in allowing hatred to be seen as supportive against me, he could do it to you also.




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