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correct-2-Lou's response-Jews as unsaved people

Posted by Lou Pilder on September 17, 2015, at 8:08:50

In reply to correction-Lou's response-Jews as unsaved people, posted by Lou Pilder on September 17, 2015, at 8:04:40

> > > > > I am too lazy to read all this.
> > > > >
> > > > > I can understand that you are fed up though.
> > > > >
> > > > > Friends,
> > > > You may not know all that Scott has posted here about me that could arouse ill-will toward me and create and develop hatred toward me in particular because I am a Jew. This is all in concert with Mr. Hsiung as not only does he allow it, he tries (and fails) to justify hatred posted here against me by Scott which could foster anti-Semitic hatred toward me that could culminate in me being a victim of anti-Semitic violence, as readers could think that what Mr. Hsiung is allowing to be seen as supportive will be good for his community as a whole, which could lead vulnerable readers here to think that it would also be good for their community where they reside since a psychiatrist says that he does what will be good for his community as a whole.
> > > > This turns my stomach because the use of {doing what will be good for the community as a whole} is used to justify slavery, segregation, infanticide, discrimination and genocide and all other crimes against humanity. Here I would like for you to examine what is in the following post to understand more about what Scott and Mr. Hsiung are doing here together by Scott posting about me here with accusations and defamation against me all with Mr. Hsiung's allowing of it which could create and develop anti-Semitic hatred toward me here, stigmatize me and cast me in the false light of being a pariah.
> > > > Lou
> > > >
> > > >
> > > Friends,
> > > Now if you read the previous post, here Scott calls me a pariah. Why a pariah? The answer , my friends, could be brought out in the ancient hatreds toward the Jews in placing a badge of shame upon them for them to be seen as outcasts and to be ghettoized. Here is the post by Scott including his accusations against me that could bring ill-will against me here and create and develop anti-Semitic hate here. This is all condoned by Mr. Hsiung as he allows his own rules to be violated by Scott against me here, which contradicts his claim to that this forum is for support and to exemplify the Golden Rule and for him to be fair. If I could be called this horrible name as to be a pariah, which echoes old anti-Semitic rhetoric against the Jews, this could cause people to shun me here and ghettoize me as to have placed upon me the badge of shame to be a pariah by Scott approved by Mr. Hsiung as he states that what is not sanctioned by him is supportive and will be good in his thinking for his community as a whole.
> > > For a Jewish member to have placed upon him the badge of shame as being called a pariah, and Mr. Hsiung allowing it can create and develops anti-Semitic hate. You can take this hate and shove it, both of you.
> > > Lou
> > >
> > >
> > Friends,
> > The ancient hatred toward the Jews being allowed to be seen here as being supportive by Mr. Hsiung, could go to schools, universities, workplaces, and countries whose agenda is the destruction of Jews. And for those that want to persecute the Jews, to see that they have a psychiatrist allowing hatred toward the Jews to be promulgated on his forum to be civil, is what I am trying to stop here. The players and the playbook are nothing new, but old tactics used to arouse hatred toward the Jews as being allowed here by Mr. Hsiung as he allows third-party posts that insult Jews and Judaism itself. This is horrible for me here because Mr. Hsiung has prohibitions to me that prevent me from posting my own repudiation of ancient hatred toward the Jews being allowed by him to be seen as civil here. Here is another post by Scott that not only Mr. Hsiung allows to be seen as civil, but he tries to justify the insult to Judaism toward the Jews posted by Scott and fails flat. The justification that he tries to use is false and the defamation against the Jews in Scotts post is a lie against the Jews, which is what anti-Semitism is founded on. You see, I am prohibited by Mr. Hsiung to post the foundation of Judaism as revealed to me, but Scott is allowed to post the foundation of hatred toward the Jews here.
> > Here are two posts, one by Mr. Hsiung and one by Scott. Let us look a the one by Mr. Hsiung where he will expel me if was to post the foundation of Judaism as revealed to me. I am also prohibited by him to post the link to that. But another poster, 10derheart, is allowed to post the link so let us look at that post and click on the link in it that shows this:
> >
> > Now if you looked at that, and saw the historical use of expulsion against the Jew for if he posted the foundation of Judaism as revealed to him, you could understand more fully the next post by Scott as to how anti-Semitism is created and developed here by Mr. Hsiung and Scott being allowed to be the third-party poster posting antisemitism with impunity here.
> > Here Scott's post insults Judaism and me as a Jew here as being unsaved and that Christians are saved. This is a lie against the Jews which is what fules anti-Semitism and stokes the furnace of hate. This contradicts Mr. Hsiung's own rules to not post what could put down those of other faiths. But it is much worse than that. For Mr. Hsiung tries to justify Scott's post and fails, yet he leaves the post and its insult to Jews to be seen as civil and supportive , and worse, that by him doing so, it will be good or his community as a whole, so it is in his thinking. This makes Jews to be denied the equal protection of Mr. Hsiung's own rules here, which IMHO can challenge the health of this community for readers to see that Jews are discriminated upon here and could be demeaned to be shunned and further anti-Semitic hate could also be posted with impunity by Mr. Hsiung. This is where I can show malice
> > Lou
> >,html
> > correction:
> correction-2




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