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Lou's reply-The Hsiung-Pilder discussion-eevey

Posted by Lou Pilder on May 7, 2015, at 12:08:02

In reply to Re: The Hsiung-Pilder discussion, posted by Dr. Bob on March 22, 2015, at 11:49:23

> > > > Well, if you are not leaving them to be seen as supportive, why are you leaving them since they can be seen as supportive by you?
> > >
> > > I'm leaving them because they're contributions to the discussion here. Like I leave your posts because they're contributions to the discussion here.
> >
> > True or False:
> > A. I will open each of the posts with the unsanctioned anti-Semitism and type right down in the post something like:
> > Owner's note: ...
> False.
> > B. I will do no such thing, Lou. If I was to do that, I would have to admit that a subset of readers could make the conclusion that myself and my deputies of record collaborated to defame Judaism and inflict emotional distress upon you by leaving those statements to be seen as civil by us.
> No, I'm not going to do that. Like I'm not going to add disclaimers to any of your posts. Some readers have already concluded that I'm collaborating with you to inflict emotional distress, anyway.
> Bob

Mr. Hsiung,
You wrote:
[...I'm leaving them(the posts with anti-Semitic propaganda allowed to be seen as being supportive by you and your deputies of record) because they are contributions to the discussion...].
The posts that I am asking you to notate as not supportive, civil, are posts that are not in this discussion, but on other threads outside of this discussion. The fact that we are having this discussion in order for you to post to the posts where they are standing without your tag line to please be civil, does not annul you posting to the posts where they are originally posted , for you have already done so in three posts so far and have invited me to give you others for you to do the same.
As long as you allow the posts that have anti-Semitic propaganda being seen as supportive by you, those posts could enter the minds of vulnerable readers here to give them the false thinking that Jews are inferior people because you, a psychiatrist, are allowing the antisemitic propaganda to be seen as supportive and state that being supportive takes precedence. And a Jewish child reading here could think that you are deliberately allowing the posts to stand which could cause that person to feel put down and drawn down into a vortex of despair as coming here could cause a loss of hope of which at the time of in being in depression, that could induce the person to kill themselves. It is not that the poster posts the anti-Semitic propaganda with impunity by you as one thing, but it is that you say that it will be good for your community as a whole in your thinking for the anti-Semitic propaganda to be seen as supportive. That could create and develop further anti-Semitism wherever the posts land, be it in the U.S., Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Israel, France, Belgium, or Skokie , Ill. The embers from the fire of hate could enter the minds of middle school students to have them bully Jewish children or Islamic children thinking that the anti-Semitic propaganda, which at times is also anti-Islamic, is being validated as supportive by you and your deputies of record, and then they could use that as contributions to their anti-Semitic, anti-Islamic agenda, or have that agenda induced into them by seeing that a psychiatrist and up to 6 deputes allow hatred toward the Jews and anti-Judaism to flourish from here that could create and develop anti semitic hate wherever the embers from the flames of hate land.
Lou Pilder




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