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Lou's reply-The Hsiung-Pilder discussion-cre/dev Dr. Bob

Posted by Lou Pilder on February 17, 2015, at 8:36:46

In reply to Re: The Hsiung-Pilder discussion, posted by Dr. Bob on February 15, 2015, at 22:45:58

> > A. readers could not know if a statement is or is not against his rules because he states that he could leave uncivil and unsupportive statements un intervened because it will be good for his community as a whole in his thinking to do so.
> True.
> > B. With that type of revision, hate speech could flourish here, antisemitism could flourish here, racism could flourish here and a subset of readers could act out what they could think a psychiatrist is saying will be good for his community as a whole in his thinking by leaving anti-Semitic statements un intervened and think that it could be good for their community also. This could IMO result in violence and murder of Jews where hate groups that use Jews as scapegoats for their real or imagined ills exist.
> It could, but I consider those outcomes to be unlikely.
> --
> > Hate speech attacks a person or an identifiable group of people, such as Jews that insults them or their religion either by them being a member or by not being a member.
> >
> > Here is one such statement by a poster here that you say is supportive on the basis that you say the statement is not against your rules. But your rule is to not post what could lead one to feel that their faith is being put down.
> >
> >
> We discussed this before:
> I don't consider that hate speech. But I don't consider it supportive, either.
> Bob
Mr. Hsiung,
You wrote,[...But I don't consider it supportive...].
But readers could think that you consider it supportive on the basis that they could have read that you posted here that support takes precedence and members are to be civil at all times and that you do not wait to sanction since one match could start a forest fire. And if those readers also saw that you posted that you should revise what you said, there is no change in your TOS/FAQ for readers to know what the revision is. And anyway, the post could have been posted before you posted that you should revise what you have posted here about how you enforce your rules.
I am asking for you to open that post and type right down in the post something like:
Owner's note:
Be advised that I do not consider the statement about Jews that readers could think that Jews need to convert to Christianity to be saved to be supportive here. And my remark that Christians convert to Judaism a lot as much as Jews converting to Christianity is not factual and not relevant as to if the statement in question is supportive or not, which you may consider to be that I have used the tactic of evasion here. I am sorry if you could feel misled here and think that I am not neutral in respect to allowing statements that are unsupportive concerning Judaism to be seen as supportive here or that I am denying Lou, the Jewish member here, equal protection of my rules..
If you think that I am doing this to create and develop anti-Semitic hate here, or to inflict emotional distress upon Jews, you could write to The American Psychiatric Association at {give contact information here}.
Lou PIlder




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