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Lou's reply-wheygizovpsyn ed_uk2010

Posted by Lou Pilder on February 16, 2015, at 14:17:21

In reply to Making the best decision Lou Pilder, posted by ed_uk2010 on February 16, 2015, at 13:37:26

> Lou,
> You do make some useful points. Drugs do have the potential to cause serious adverse effects. This is a fact. The problem is, as I see it, that your posts on the main board are extremely one-sided. You emphasise the possibility of life ruining side effects, but never discuss the benefits of treatment.
> It's important to consider:
> a) The risks of *not* getting treatment for a mental health problem. You often discuss people being driven to suicide due to side effects. Bear in mind, people can be driven to suicide by untreated illness too.
> and b) The benefit(s) that the medication/treatment may produce. In order to decide whether a treatment is likely to be beneficial or harmful, you have to know a lot about the person who may be taking it. Decisions are not simple.
> In my opinion, new members need to be able to obtain as balanced a view of medication as possible, so that they can assess the risks and benefits from themselves. When it comes to medication, wise decisions can only be made on an individual basis. This involves a knowledge of that person so that the benefits vs the risks can be weighed up.
> New posters may be very vulnerable and frightened. No one is likely to be able to make the best decisions while afraid. We need to welcome new posters to the board and provide them with balanced information.... as much as is possible. If posters receive replies which cause fear, this may be very bad for their mental health.... and may have serious consequences. I'm sure this is not what you want.
> Take care.

You wrote,[...You do make some useful points...your discuss the benefits of treatment..].
The point of view that mind-altering drugs could be beneficial is not being denied to posters here to post about. Neither is the point of view that taking mind-altering drugs could cause death, addiction and life-ruining conditions.
Both points of view are actually encouraged to be posted here according to the TOS here. You are welcome to post whatever benefits you think could be had by a poster taking mind-altering drugs in collaboration with a psychiatrist/doctor.
The FDA agrees with me that a lot of these drugs could increase suicidal thinking. And there is not an anti-suicide pill, for the army is trying to create one.
Both perspectives can be posted here and these perspectives can come from different posters, not just one. My point of view is not unique and many psychiatrists agree with me. If someone here is denied to hear from me, they could not really receive a balanced view, could they?
The fear of being addicted or killed or receiving a life-ruining condition from these drugs could save lives and prevent addictions and life-ruining conditions IMHO because a more-informed decision could be made as to take these drugs or drugg your child or loved one after they hear from me. Others here are welcome to post to take the drugs, but look at the suffering posted here by those that take these drugs. Look at the adddictions, the withdrawal horrors, the insomnia, the dyskinesia, the suicidal thinking, those that killed themselves here, those that the drugs killed here, and let the fact speak for themselves.
For there has been revealed to me a great deception. A deception that I am prevented to post about here due to the prohibitions posted to me here by Mr. Hsiung. And if those prohibitions were withdrawn, IMHHHHHO, lives could be saved, addictions and life-ruining conditions could be prevented, and readers could have a new life, free from the horrors of these drugs to be led out of the darkness of depression and into a marvelous light of peace and joy.
I am following the prohibitions from Mr. Hsiung. I am not preventing anyone from posting to advocate taking these drugs. But I say to those that advocate to take mind-altering drugs, it has been revealed to me what the wages will be that you will receive.




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