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Lou's response-wholdtukuntmp Dr. Bob

Posted by Lou Pilder on February 16, 2015, at 9:00:19

In reply to Re: the health and wellness of the board, posted by Dr. Bob on February 15, 2015, at 21:53:25

> > I was scared because his post to me was one of the first ones I read. My first response was actually shock. I've only recently resurfaced, and I remember the board 10+ years ago when it was a big source of support and knowledge to me.
> >
> > What I've seen on this board lately still retains that care and compassion and curiosity, but the sheer number of people posting has dropped dramatically. Shockingly. I certainly can't speak for any member, past or present, but I myself wish more people were able to gain the sort of support and information offered here.
> >
> > So, I wonder, although I don't know how long Lou has been posting, has he, or similar people, been a factor in the decrease in posters?
> >
> > I don't think it's a matter of triggers -- many people seem to ignore him, though I'm guessing pretty annoyed that he's still around -- but of maintaining the health and wellness of the board as a whole, and encouraging growth, if that is wanted, of course.
> >
> > I continue to post, and am posting this post, simply because I remember the board of the past and thus was able to look past his post to the wonderful other posters here. I don't read his posts. It's the new and potential posters I am worried about, who don't have prior knowledge of the board and might just be turned off immediately, and the current members who might get discouraged and leave.
> >
> > oceansun
> > While the medication board has continued to be a great source of informstion for new treatments, it does seem that the sense of warmth and community which once characterized Babble has largely disappeared. The number of active posters appears to be decreasing. I don't really understand the reasons for this, although I do feel it would have been helpful to both Lou and the community to impose moderate checks on some of his more frightening statements. I don't read them, but I can see that they could be quite alarming to new posters who are just trying to find out if this site is helpful for them. We will never know how many potential posters have decided to reject this site because of this.
> >
> > Twinleaf
> Thanks for your posts. Sorry again about not replying more promptly.
> My idea is that new posters who are turned off by Lou (or anyone else) will be more likely to stay if posters with more experience reassure, support, and encourage them. For their own health and wellness, they might simply ignore Lou. But it would help maintain the health and wellness of the board if they paid attention to his effect on others.
> Bob

Mr. Hsiung,
You wrote,[...For their own health and wellness, they might simply ignore Lou. But it would help maintain the health and wellness of the board if they paid attention to his effects on others...].
I am unsure as to what you want readers to think by what you wrote about me here. If you could post answers to the following, then I could respond accordingly.
True or False:
A. What I write about here that you, Mr. Hsiung, are referring to, is specified here by you.
B. Readers could think from what you, Mr. Hsiung, wrote about me here, that what I post here could effect the health and wellness of readers adversely.
C. When you write about that combinations of drugs, Lou, advocated by posters here could kill or addict or cause a life-ruining condition to those that take those combinations, readers are advised by me, Lou, to ignore you.
D. When you post to parents, Lou, who are trying to decide to drug their child or not in collaboration with a psychiatrist/doctor about that psychiatric drugs could kill their child or give them tardive dyskinesia or addiction or worse, for their child's own health and wellness, they might ignore you, Lou
E. When you post to me exposing the anti-Semitic posts allowed to be seen as supportive by me and my deputies of record, Lou, that you want purged from here, for the health and wellness of readers I am suggesting that they ignore you, Lou.
Fill in:
F. The posts here by you, Lou, that the poster did not cite that could be the ones in question are the links as follows:
Lou Pilder




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