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Lou's response to Dina's post-coechheyt

Posted by Lou Pilder on January 19, 2015, at 6:02:50 [reposted on February 15, 2015, at 22:23:57 | original URL]

In reply to Lou's response to Dina's post-heytspeech, posted by Lou Pilder on January 19, 2015, at 5:39:36

> > > It's my understanding that nothing on this site is "endorsed" by Dr. Bob, and that he takes responsibility only for his own words. If he finds something doesn't comply with site guidelines he takes admin action. But not taking admin action doesn't imply endorsement or approval. Admin action only says that something is in noncompliance. Leaving it up only means that no rules have been broken.
> >
> > Friends,
> > The poster wrote,[...Leaving it up only means that no rules have been broken...].
> > Now that perception indicated as being what it is by Dinah here, could be the perception of other readers also.
> > Lou
> Friends,
> Now Mr. Hsiung writes here that he should revise that he agrees with Dinah that statements left to stand are not against his rules. What his statement could lead readers to think is:
> A. After a revision, readers could not know if a statement is or is not against his rules because he states that he could leave uncivil and unsupportive statements un intervened because it will be good for his community as a whole in his thinking to do so.
> B. With that type of revision, hate speech could flourish here, antisemitism could flourish here, racism could flourish here and a subset of readers could act out what they could think a psychiatrist is saying will be good for his community as a whole in his thinking by leaving anti-Semitic statements un intervened and think that it could be good for their community also. This could IMO result in violence and murder of Jews where hate groups that use Jews as scapegoats for their real or imagined ills exist.
> Lou

If you are concerned here, I am requesting that you read trough the following posts and see how anti-Semitic hatred could be developed here by Mr. Hsiung by him not enforcing his own rules. He could change his rules, he could revise his rules, which could feed the ideology behind what is posted about the Jews here as being supportive and will be good for his community as a whole in his thinking.
Here is one such post in a series of posts where the poster is coached by Mr. Hsiung to follow a script that would allow hatred toward the Jews to be posted here with impunity.
[ admin, 428781 ]




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