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Lou's apology-should revighz

Posted by Lou Pilder on January 17, 2015, at 14:09:41 [reposted on February 15, 2015, at 22:23:55 | original URL]

In reply to Lou's request to Mr. siung-suldrevize, posted by Lou Pilder on January 16, 2015, at 12:42:57

> > > > > > I would assume that if something is brought to Dr. Bob's attention and he does nothing that he thought it was not against the rules. But that doesn't mean he agrees with what was said.
> > > > >
> > > > > Right:
> > > > >
> > > > > > The only messages I take responsibility for are my own.
> > > >
> > > > I should revise that. I might consider something against the rules, yet decide not to intervene. I want to be free to use my judgment. If you would try to accept what I decide and to trust that I'm doing my best to be fair and to do what I think will be good for this community as a whole, I'd really appreciate it.
> > > >
> > > > Bob
> > > Mr. Hsiung,
> > > You wrote he above. I am unsure as to what you are wanting others to think here by what you wrote. If you could post answers to the following, then I could have the opportunity to respond accordingly.
> > > True or false:
> > > A. In posts where anti-Semitic propaganda can be seen that you did not intervene, you left the statement un intervened so that the community will be improved as a whole by not sanctioning the anti-Semitic propaganda.
> > > B. If so, you will post here what that improvement will be by you not intervening.
> > > C. If I was to intervene where the anti-Semitic propaganda can be seen, Lou, the community as a whole would suffer un improvement and be bad for the community for me to post an intervention.
> > > D. I agree, Lou, that by me not posting an intervention where anti-Semitic propaganda can be seen here, that a subset of readers could think that I and my deputies of record are validating the anti-Semitic hate.
> > > E. In that I say here, Lou, that I am doing my best to be fair here, a subset of readers could think that I am denying the Jews equal protection of my rules where anti-Semitic propaganda can be seen as supportive where it is originally posted, and a subset of readers could think that it is fair according to me, Lou, to leave anti-Semitic propaganda un intervened while intervening where anti-Christian propaganda is posted here.
> > > Lou Pilder
> >
> > Mr. Hsuing,
> > I have the following requests. If you could post answers here to the following, then I think that it could go a long way to prevent Jews from being victims of anti-Semitic violence and Islamic people and others that have in their faith that they can enter heaven without being a Christian as a result of any readers thinking that by seeing those type of statements posted here to be considered to be supportive by you as not being against your rules as standing.
> > By you now saying, "I should revise that.", this brings up grave concerns to me.
> > True or False:
> > The people that read the anti-Semitic propaganda here before you posted that you should revise that your policy was that if did not intervene it was not against your rules:
> > A. Could think that antisemitic statements are not against your rules and think that anti-Semitism is supportive by you.
> > B. Could think that anti-Semitic statements not intervened by you will be good for your community as a whole
> > C. Could act out violence toward Jews as thinking that a psychiatrist is validating hatred toward the Jews as it will be good for his community as a whole so it could also be good for their community as a whole.
> > D. People here that are taking mind-altering drugs that can make them easily influenced by what a psychiatrist writes as to what his thinking is, could be easily persuaded to commit violence and even murder of Jews as thinking that if anti-Semitism is considered to be supportive and not against your rules, then Jews could be thought to be inferior by you so they could think that you are the exemplar and {trust} you as you ask them to try to do and that you will appreciate it if they do.
> > E. I will post a whole page, Lou, so that the page is seen first to explain that anti-Semitic propaganda seen here as un intervened was considered not against my rules up to my revision, and the revision now means that anti-Semitic propaganda is still against my rules but I will allow some to be seen as supportive because I think that later the community will be improved by me allowing anti-Semitic propaganda to be seen un intervened and could be considered for readers to be validated or ratified by me and my deputies of record.
> > Lou Pilder
> >
> Mr. Hsuing,
> In regards tat you posted that you should revise that what can be seen un intervened is not against your rules here, this brings up two periods of time. One is the period of time before you posted your revision and the other is after you posted your revision.
> In my previous post, I dealt with issues that are grave to me as in the first period of time and before that, my post was as if there was not a revision by you posted here.
> But now I want to deal with the period of time after you posted your revision because of the consequences to Jews and others that could happen as I see could be into the future of this site as my vision that like you have a vision of what will be good for your community as a whole.
> But before I do that, I would like for you to construct a page that all posters will come to first and then be directed to the forum by clicking that they have read the page. Something like:
> An Explanation By Dr. Bob
> Readers, be advised that from now on you could see anti-Semitic propaganda posted here without me or any deputy of mine intervening. This could lead to you being misled and/or confused because of you may not even know of the revision since I have not posted it in the FAQ. So I want to work with the community now to make up something to explain this. Please add your comments, if any, here before you go to the forum
> Dr Bob
> Lou Pilder

Mr. Hsuing,
I apologize for the posts content here as some of it could be incorrect and duplicated. This is all because of the different turns and twists that I am trying to sort out by your statement that says:
A. I should revise that. I might consider something that is brought to my attention that is against my rules and allow it to stand.
B. I may consider something against my rules and not intervene
C. I want readers to trust me in that I am doing my best to be fair
D. And to do what I think will be good for this community as a whole
E. I want to be free to use my judgment
These statements by you to me are of grave concern to me because of that readers could not know what this all entails because they may not know some of what you posted elsewhere which could then have multiple subsets of readers here.
For instance, there could be a subset of readers that see anti-Semitic propaganda here as supportive and will be good for this community as a whole. These readers could be those that never saw your revision.
Then there could be a subset of readers that saw your revision but do not understand what it could entail. Could it entail that you will now allow some anti-Semitic propaganda or insults to Islam to be seen as supportive because they also saw that you wrote that you do not wait to sanction uncivility because one match could start a forest fire? And another subset could think that statements objected by me still the same are considered by you to benefit the community later by not accepting my offer to you for the opportunity to open those posts in question and type in a repudiation to those statements tat could be interpreted as an insult to Judaism and Islam and other faiths? And many other subsets of here. This causes me to do over all of this so that the picture could be focused more clearly.
In order for me to do this, I would like any help from readers here as to what their understanding could be concerning that Mr. Hsiung has posted, "I should revise that."
A. Could it mean to you that antisemitic propaganda, could be thought to be good for this community as a whole in Mr. Hsiung's thinking, as being seen as supportive where there is not is tagline to please be civil because Mr. Hsiung says that being supportive takes precedence and that posters are to be civil at all times?




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