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Lou's reply-antisemprop Lou Pilder

Posted by Lou Pilder on October 15, 2014, at 10:41:53

In reply to Lou's reply-pruvnlyerz herpills, posted by Lou Pilder on September 10, 2014, at 15:17:14

> > > Friends,
> > > Here is the post where Mr. Hsiung states that being supportive takes precedence even over a statement that is in the bible. Look at the paragraph that starts with something like,[..Sometimes the goals of the forum conflict..]
> > > Lou
> > >
> > >
> > >
> >
> > Lou,
> >
> > Could you provide an example where a statement from the bible should take precedence over being supportive?
> >
> > herpills,
> You wrote,[...where a statement from the bible {should} take precedence over being supportive..]
> Now if I understand the context from where your statement came from, it could have been written:
> [..Lou, could you provide a link to where a bible verse is posted that is not supportive and is allowed to be seen as supportive as being unsanctioned?...]
> Now if that is what you were asking for me to do, let us look at what is in this link from a post here:
> That link is in this post if it does not actuate
> Now if we look at verse#39, that is an accusation made to those Jews. Accusations even if the poster is quoting someone else, is according to the rules t be not supportive.
> Then in verse#42, another accusative statement that defames
> Then in verse #46, a put down to those Jews
> Then scrolling to verse #16, the false accusation of that the Jews were in a plot to kill Jesus is posted.
> Then in verse #18, the same
> Then in verse23, another accusation
> Then in verse #38, another defamation
> The bible verses are allowed to stand against my objections for years. They can arouse anti-Semitic feelings and I feel put down when I read them so other Jews could also feel put down when they read them. But it is much more than that. For this post is only one of many that defame the Jews or could lead a Jew to feel that their faith is being put down that are allowed to stand and be seen as civil, supportive and will be good for this community as a whole where they are originally posted.
> The false characterization of the Jews depicted in those verses, could stereotype Jews here as being seen as validated by Mr. Hsiung and his deputies of record as not being sanctioned. The put down of the Jews in those verses being allowed to stand devalues Judaism and could dehumanize a Jewish reader here that is in depression to lead them down a vortex of hopelessness culminating in their suicide.
> Mr. Hsiung wants you to try to trust him in that he is allowing the statements to be seen as that the will be good for this community as a whole according to his thinking and that he is doing his best to be fair. Others in the historical record said the same and the historical record shows that otherwise. If you want to try to trust him in his allowing of anti-Semitic propaganda to be allowed o be posted here as civil and supportive, remember the historical record where those that propagated that they were doing what will be good for the country as a whole in allowing anti-Semitic propaganda to be good for their country as a whole, and were proven to be liars.
> Lou
> Mr. Hsiung,
The link to the post in question is stated in the post that has the link:
Then at the bottom of the post is the offered link to the bible verses in John 5
And the verses in question are:
Lou Pilder




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