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Lou's reply-wygud Dr. Bob

Posted by Lou Pilder on September 11, 2013, at 6:28:22

In reply to Re: The Hsiung-Pilder discussion, posted by Dr. Bob on September 8, 2013, at 23:30:02

> > If you say that when you use that the statement in question is {OK}, that the statement is {supportive}, that is one thing and then I will answer you to that. If you say that {OK} in the context does not mean that it is supportive, then I will answer you to that.
> I probably meant "OK" to mean "acceptable" and "supportive" to mean "helpful". So OK wouldn't necessarily mean supportive.
> > the question becomes as to why you think it will be good for you or the community as a whole, if you are following your own TOS that states that you do what will be good for the community as a whole, to leave my request outstanding.
> My thinking was, if posters see me not respond to you, then they themselves may not respond to you -- instead of responding to you in uncivil ways. They might accept someone they cannot change.
> Can you accept someone you cannot change? I don't feel you're uncivil to me often, but I wouldn't exactly say I feel accepted by you, either.
> Bob

Mr Hsiung,
You wrote,[...'OK" to mean "acceptable".."supportive" to mean "helpful"..So OK wouldn't necessarily mean supportive...].
You say that the statement in question is acceptable, but not necessarily supportive.
Now the statement is acceptable to you, and readers could think that it will be good for this community as a whole for what is said about the Jews and others that have faiths that are different from the claim made in the statement about them on the basis that your TOS says that readers are to try to trust you in that what you do here will be good for this community as a whole and that you will appreciate it if they did.
Now I do not think that Jews or Islamic people or Hindus or atheists or agnostics or Wiccans or Buddists or pantheists or Taoists or Deists or those that have faiths that are not Christiandom based that accept the claim in question could feel accepted here by you saying that the statement in question is acceptable. For the statement excludes all those that do not accept Jesus as Lord and Savior from forgiveness and Eternal Life. This includes the Jewish children that were ghettoized and starved to death, the Islamic children gassed to death, the Native Americans slaughtered, those murdered in the crusades, the inquisition, the Spainish Expulsion, and all the other people that were murdered by those that accepted the claim in question. Now those murderers that accepted the claim in question, think that they have forgiveness and eternal life because they accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior before they murdered the children or they accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior after they murdered the children, maybe right before they were hanged as war-criminals, or they could have had someone else do the accepting for them while they were infants or after they died. So I have a want for further information from you so that clarification could be given as to what you mean by "good". If you could post answers to the following, then I could respond to you accordingly. Here is what the claim in question can be thought to be.
[...The ONLY reason that the bible states for one to miss out from having forgiveness and Eternal Life is to not accept Jesus as Lord and Savior...]
A. Why would it be good for this community as a whole for it to be acceptable to post here what could be thought by some to mean that the Jewish children murdered by those that said that they were doing God's will to kill them, are not forgiven and they can not have eternal life because they were Jews that do not accept the claim in question?




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