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Re: block history

Posted by Dr. Bob on June 30, 2007, at 0:34:33

In reply to Re: blocked for 33 weeks Dr. Bob, posted by muffled on June 29, 2007, at 12:52:33

> when the current block formula was created and implemented, wasn't it somehow partly to address objections over really long blocks

Right, the reduction for "good behavior" was added so blocks wouldn't be as long. In general.

> and wasn't the issue then raised (and at least put on the to-consider list) that it might thereafter not be correct to factor a long block given under the old system into a block given under the new system?
> confuzyq

It might've been raised, but the change only applied to new blocks. It wasn't retroactive.


> let's assume you did something wrong and you got blocked for it for a very long time. Then you turned your life around. Maybe went on meds, got some therapy, stayed clean and sober. After YEARS of good behavior shouldn't a person be rewarded with a clean slate? I think after ONE year with no blocks and no PBC's a person should be able to start over.
> Forgiveness is a wonderful thing.
> MidnightBlue

Well, I did skip the doubling... And civility is a wonderful thing, too. Some slates may take longer to clean?


> I think we need to keep in mind WHAT we are seeking by blocking? Is it deterrent?(then at what point does deterrent become cruelty??) Is it education?(then how do we learn to sort things out if we just blocked for long times?) after a week, we could still discuss or apologise, much longer and its just old news, the emots are gone.. WHAT is it?
> My thots are some scattered, but mebbe SOMEbody can understand what I am getting at and present it to Bob in a clearcut logical way.
> Or Bob, will you even entertain this thots? Are you gonna get stuck on a formula? Can you break free?
> M

I guess for individual posters, it could potentially both deter and educate. And for the community, it keeps those posters from being uncivil for a period of time.

I might be able to break free if someone presents an alternative in a clear-cut logical way?





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