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Re: perception of privilege gardenergirl

Posted by Happyflower on June 24, 2007, at 6:33:39

In reply to Re: perception of privilege Happyflower, posted by gardenergirl on June 24, 2007, at 1:08:45

> > ... Plus sometimes deputies can "egg one on", knowing what they are saying is frusterating the poster, to get them to "be uncivil", and then get blocked.
> Interesting theory. And yet no matter how frustrated someone might feel, that individual is still responsible for their own actions. I don't believe that one can legitimately deflect the responsibility for their own choice of actions onto another.

Well sure, posters are responsible for their own actions, I never said they weren't, but it doesn't mean that this behavior doesn't happen. Plus remember a deputy is in a position of power, so the playing field is not equal. That power influences the reg. babbler and the deputy themselves, and effects how conversations flow on the boards. It works both ways and not always positive.

A real world example of this would be on how many individuals were forced (by the powers above them) to admit to a crime they didn't commit. Would you say that the power of one over another didn't have influence to force the innocent to plead guilty for a crime they didn't commit. Power always has the upperhand in life, and I am sure it isn't different on Babble either.

So can a babbler be "egged on", yes, but even though the babbler is responsible for their own actions, doesn't mean the effect of power of a deputy doesn't come into play here. That is why duel relationships are not encouraged between patients and clients in many professions. This is why I believe we need deputies that are not personal posters at the same time. I am not putting deputies down, I am just trying to show how the position of power or privilege effects other babblers on the board, from a perspective of another babbler.

I truely believe that when a deputy takes off their badge of duty on the boards, that badge whether worn or not, still has effects on other babblers perceptions and actions with them. It is still babblers responsiblity to act withing the guidelines, but remember we are not on the same level playing field.




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