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Re: 3-complaint rule

Posted by Dr. Bob on June 15, 2005, at 23:00:41

In reply to Dr. Bob - 3-complaint rule or ???, posted by Minnie-Haha on June 15, 2005, at 14:27:11

> It wouldn't solve the issue many people seem interested in. But it might solve complaints about the issue.

Sorry, isn't it complaints that are the issue?

> How about my current suggestion below, that each poster be allowed one or two posts about specific posts per month on Admin

And they could be about the same person's posts every month?

> Limiting the complaints about one poster by another would seem to only apply in a minority of cases, and would mainly benefit the administrator of the site, IMHO.
> Dinah

I think it's great if rules aren't applied a lot. :-)

I should've been more clear that the limit wouldn't apply to complaints about my posts or my policies...


> I think it would be nice if there was a limit on requests for determination that are false alarms
> alexandra_k

Isn't that what I proposed? :-)


> I hope you don't mind that I started a separate thread on the subject, since it seems to be referenced in numerous places and the discussion is therefore hard to follow.

Sorry, but I think it's easier if it's one thread, so I've incorporated yours into this one.

> I am Poster A. Twice I have asked Administration to make a call on Poster B’s posts – that weren’t about me or something I’d written. Twice Admin has ruled that his/her posts were civil. Would I ever again be able to question a Poster B post?

A could keep questioning them. But if any more of the questioned posts were considered civil, those complaints would be considered uncivil.

> Would I need to be 100 percent sure (if that’s possible) that he/she has been uncivil without risking a PBC or block?

Yes, if there's a chance that the questioned post would be considered civil, then B would be taking a risk.

> Let’s say that Poster A questions each [and every] member’s posts two times...

That would be an issue, but it's not the current issue...

> If during “a calendar year” [substitute whatever Admin thinks is fair] Poster A questions Poster B’s posts two or more times, and those requests lead to two judgments by Administration that the questioned posts were civil, then any subsequent request by Poster A about Poster B, which follows with a judgment that the questioned post was civil, shall result in Poster A being blocked.

Could I substitute 10 years? :-)

> > If the complaint isn't upheld, then do they need to defend themselves?
> I’d like to.
> Minnie-Haha

The question isn't whether they'd like to, it's whether they'd need to...





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