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Re: Dr. Bob SLS

Posted by alesta on October 25, 2004, at 0:57:45

In reply to Re: Dr. Bob alesta, posted by SLS on October 24, 2004, at 8:10:20

hi, scott,:)

scott, i realize of course that not *everyone* has been hurt on this board. but there are many people here who have. i care about these people. it hurts me to see people attacked, it hurts me to hear that admin made them cry, and it hurt me when people think they're going to accomplish something when they are actually wasting their time (this isn't a democracy..never was). these are real people who are getting hurt. unnecessarily. something needs to change. if dr. bob has a caring bone in his body he will do something. if not, expect business as usual. the intellectual enjoyment of a few does not justify the pain people experience here. this site is not responsible for your intellectual stimulation. but it should be responsible for creating a safe environment for its members. this is the right thing to do.

on a lighter, more conversational note, its good to talk to you, scott, as always.

> Anger and passion can be very arousing. Debate can be very engaging. Both are stimulating, and people like to be stimulated. Even getting upset is stimulating.

well, your *description* of admin is stimulating and arousing..:)

> Amy, I know you once had a very bad outcome due to your participation here. You might want to ask yourself what has brought you back.

i guess it's my need to socialize somewhere familiar. this became my social network. i didn't want to leave just because of problems with the moderator..but i am considering leaving now. i just don't know if i can get past it ever. it's like an old wound that won't heal. i would miss some people, including you. i don't know what i'm gonna do right now.

<I hope your participation here now doesn't impact negatively on your mental health.

thanks. :) i guess i'm really different from you. i really hate conflict. i have a headache right now and am stressed. i feel like the life force is being drained out of me. but other than that, i'm okay. :)

<I'm glad you're here, though.

thanks, sweetie.:) glad you're here, too. thought you might've checked out for a little while there..

> I don't see this as being a blood-bath. That's not how I am experiencing this board at the moment.

i know it's not. you always seem to keep your cool over here. you're one of the lucky ones.:)

<I do find it stimulating, though. I do have other motives for being here. But the stimulation is attractive.

well, you're always fun to talk to.:) what are the other motives? you've got me curious..:)

amy :)




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