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re: thoughts (words) (several) » spoc

Posted by lil' jimi on June 23, 2004, at 2:06:37

In reply to re: thoughts (words included) » lil' jimi, posted by spoc on June 21, 2004, at 10:40:03

hi spoc,

<<<<<< Note, fyi, I meant that such a reference would surely trip the alarms in your own previously noted "discomfort zone," not the civility alarms. I hadn't even given the latter type a passing thought.

yeah, i knew we were on me about my Personal Babble Disclosure Policy.
you are right ... it is not consistently enforced ... ... i like to be flexible sometimes ...

besides, you and auntie mel are different ... ... you, i couldn’t get out of the hot tub, whereas auntie mel let one slip accidentally ... ... this fits into different provisions of my PBDP ... ... you, i had to be careful with (he teases his sweet spoc) ...

you post:
> I hear you. It is imaginable that folks here would see the effort I have made here, maybe decide I'm a nice, well-meaning guy, maybe like me, want to pull for me, whatever, and then read what I post and don't really detect any malicious intent nor attack mentality in an otherwise reasoned argument. I get blocked. It seems precipitous, severe, merciless. And people want me to be cut some slack because I'm a nice guy and I didn't do that much harm.
> With my humblest apologies to every one of my sweet supporters, it doesn't work that way here. And, I have a history. And, I have (have had) every reason to know better.

and you wrote:
<<<<< I'm not shocked, nor disillusioned, nor saddened in the least. I'm pretty strong and (usually) perceptive, with a good blend of realism and idealism, that usually keeps occasional extremes of either from doing any real damage. But any beliefs I might have had here were just nicely in the middle, and not formed beyond making simple adjustments.

and thanks for that.
i was also thinking of some of my other teammates and their possible reaction(s) to my whole deal here.

> > I had just initially thought you were speaking in general terms when you came back, that the same sequence and logic could be seen behind all/most blocks or lack of them.
> Yeah, I failed to make that clear. I think that offended some of my friends. I can see where that interpretation was possible and I regret that.

<<<<< Not an issue for this respondent. It wouldn't be a matter of "offense." Everyone really really does have a right to their own opinion, including to change it. Over certain things at certain times I do appreciate it if the other-opinion holder will discuss the thing with me, and if doing so, show that they thought about it by citing how it was reached. And, preferably not reply to specific issues only with general statements. But even if I genuinely can't see their point nor they mine, it probably wouldn't come down to taking offense just at not being agreed with.

here i was concerned that other teammates might have previously felt i was not respecting their separate consistency/fairness issues, given that you showed me that was a possible interpretation, and i would not want to leave that impression.

you have brought me to trust that you’ll be a good sport for us.

Now, being told not to discuss something at all (if it's reasonable for the venue); or being disagreed with just for disagreeing; those could be frustrating. But other than that, I hadn't predetermined that I wouldn't try to see other points if they were offered. I may still not agree, but it would be genuine, after a decent amount of thought, and hopefully offense wouldn't have to come into it for either party.

that’s cool.

In your case, I was "scratching my head" (that's what I meant anyway, I later noticed I said "scatching...) over what I thought you were saying, only given the tomes we had all been writing which had theorized on some of those same things already (which you have now shed more light on). But it was only curiosity and non-bothersome confusion, not offense. And I hope no one who may be reading but not participating, or who has offered a differing view, would think I necessarily feel that way either.

way cool.
i like making things clear too.

So fret not, no problems here anyway. I jumped in immediately behind Larry when he made his entrance, so I would have been here regardless, believing what I already believed.

no fretting with me.
i have confidence in you.
we’re cool.
talk to you soon.

peace, love and understanding,
~ jim




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