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Re: BAM!!!!!!!! TofuEmmy

Posted by spoc on June 10, 2004, at 10:51:55

In reply to Suggestion - don't hit me, posted by TofuEmmy on June 10, 2004, at 9:22:27

.... meaning another tidal wave of words in your face -- verbosity to address a succinctness issue -- of all the ironic things. Not me hitting you! :- )

(Thanks Mel, for thinking Fayeroe and myself have helped *maintain* focus. But as I also know the post size issue deters some, I must address and validate what Emmy said. And Mel -- in case you actually *hadn't* meant that I've contributed focus -- don't tell me, 'k? Sooner or later I'll get help!:) This post is all about me, so everyone here for the issues *please* feel free to tune out! ;- )

> succint. I am really interested in this thread, but sometimes I open these posts, and say, "Woah now....!".
> The audience would grow, the participation would increase, Bob would be more effective, if we could all be concise.
> Kick me, but do it briefly. :-)
> Em

<<<<<< Hi Emmy,

I have NO idea why ;-), but I think I could be amongst any of those covered in this subject. And I have no desire to hit you, or be mad. I know shorter is better for many purposes, and I've speculated on how this impacts me countless times.

Rather, it makes me sad, because as of now this is just how my brain is. I think some people just do have an in-depth style of addressing things, and hopefully also find a willing and similar market for that somewhere. But in my case, I think it's also a ramification of my OCD/perfectionism. And I have a huge fear that in general I do have good things to say, but that I bury any chance of having it heard, seen or even getting to know people in high word counts.

I give myself major tension sometimes proceeding this way, but I "physically" can't help it or usually even see where I could have cut something out. Trying to edit can add hour(s) during which I'll probably think of even MORE to add. I also bump word count by trying so hard to be tactful, and through automatically covering comments and questions I *anticipate* would be forthcoming based on what I'm saying.

That may not sound like a good way to do it and I indeed don't mean to, but ya know what.... When I don't, I see that in fact things often do ensue that wouldn't have if I had been as thorough as my impulses had dictated when first composing the thing. Meaning a suggestion or angle I already tried; or in the case of debate, a hole seeming to open up that didn't need to be there. As in someone coming back with "But -- aha! X,Y,Z!", when XYZ were things I DID anticipate would be said, so had actually wanted to cover in the first place. By nature I try to be airtight I guess. Now, differing opinions, great! I'm just compelled (as in compulsion) to head off possible misinterpretations or already-thought-of responses. And it all blends together so much to me that I can't see which is which anyway.

I have *no* idea if I managed to convey what I mean there! You can probably see by reading this that I am just afflicted with having too many "factors" on the brain at all times. It's painful (ADD has been proposed too). You should see me try to handle even routine business and errands. It's like Cheech and Chong sitting around high as kites, and *purposely* trying to see how complicated they could make everything, just to be funny.

I SO envy the people here who communicate back and forth in installments of a paragraph or two, without having all the other peripheral relevant thoughts, or blood vessels pulsing in their foreheads trying to channel them! But don't leave the seal unbroken on my posts, I can indeed be brief too, maybe just not on certain especially passionate or complex subjects.

I wish so much I was different, but as I'm not (and haven't given meds a crack at it), I always just hope that instead of assessing the length, people will start reading and assess whether it's interesting and relevant. Hey, they'll move on to read the same amount in the next 15 small posts, so what's the diff? Ha ha, I know it doesn't work that way. Maybe I should post 5 smaller posts in a row at times. That would look funny, but probably actually go down easier. And now I'm embarrassed that this got so long too. *<groan>*




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