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re: no more questions Dr. Bob

Posted by Sabina on June 9, 2004, at 23:30:24

In reply to re: questions about Larry's block, posted by Dr. Bob on June 7, 2004, at 5:43:46

...because i freakin' give up.

i have been away, happily sailing, sunning, and swimming. although i had a wireless laptop setup, i opted not to check in here. now that i'm home, i'm overjoyed that i remained technology-free for the length of my vacation.

throughout this block of larry's, i've gone from general shades of irritation to feeling publicly disrespected. i posted that i felt jim's questions about larry's block should be addressed. two days later i got an amazingly difficult to believe response of, "what questions?" still, i played nice and told you where the questions could be found then watched in disappointment as the topic was re-routed into a discussion of your habit of not reading anything you deem uncivil. this effectively saved you from responding yet again to jim's questions about larry's block, even though chicklet also (kindly) provided you with an edited and absolutely civil version of jim's post to which you may have referred. so you see, your explanations for why you only read and answer "civil" things doesn't fit here. you just keep ignoring this issue and i don't know why. i only know that it has made me feel disrespected and publicly humiliated. but big deal, right?

in five days or so, we'll be at the four week mark of larry's block. jim will be able to post again soon, too. who knows? maybe he'll decide to try again and have his questions ignored in person soon? it's just as well because i'm officially tired of trying. i don't even care anymore. my spirit is officially crushed. remember how you mentioned reducing larry's block from six to four weeks? something about something then nothing then soliciting emails from posters who might be shy then waiting for smoke signals or signs from god and then no communication for days and by then i felt all too acutely that the decision was being held over our heads until such time as we're lucky enough to receive it. we're still waiting. either let larry back in or don't; but i think it's beyond the pale to keep the decision as to whether it's a good idea to be flexible in this particular case to be such an ordeal that you can't come to a decision before a month has passed. as i said, it was only to be four weeks that you were considering reducing the block. it will have run out of it's own accord before you will have made any decision...and after all this hue and cry? what was the point, then? i feel that it is unnecessary to keep this hanging over our heads for so long and, if nothing else, validates many of larry's original points about this place.

y'know what, though? that's just great...because i've decided to go back on vacation...from this place. it's not like anyone will care one way or the other where i place my observation seat. i was only ever posting about some people i cared about anyway. i feel like larry could help so many people here as he's been there for me. i don't know if he'll be able to come back after all that's happened, but i still hope he will.




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