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re: blocked for 2 weeks justyourlaugh

Posted by Sabina on June 2, 2004, at 10:13:01

In reply to re: blocked for 2 weeks Sabina, posted by justyourlaugh on June 1, 2004, at 17:51:18

Your post seems to be bringing points that I was never broaching or contesting, which I found more than a bit confusing. Obviously, I did not explain myself clearly enough, for which I apologize. Hopefully, Dr. Bob will be able to make some sense out of it. I was actually posting to him about a very specific issue; but since you directed a reply to me, I will do my best to answer you.

> "gone amiss" ..
> i was wondering if you thought that other posters were offended or ignoring dr. bob's "please rephrase"..

Im not sure why you chose to include this one fragment from my original post out of context. Im not certain if you fully took it's meaning as I intended or how it refers to your next sentence. Actually, I don't know what the next sentence means at all. I suppose I wasn't aware of any "other posters" who may potentially be offended by or ignoring a "please rephrase" request. I must have missed something here; but please don't enlighten me!

Pertinent sidebar: 'Cause see, I really don't want to go around and around on this. I was only trying to post to Dr. Bob out of frustration that Jim got blocked and never even got the courtesy of having his direct questions to Dr. Bob answered. It was like, Larry could no longer ask questions, so Jim did. Now Jim's gone, and Im asking questions. Like...when's Dr. Bob going to answer Jim's questions? :-)

> i think it is important for posters not to feel pressured at any time..

Of course. I don't believe I advocated otherwise anywhere in my post.

> dr. bob is the "umpire"

Quite right, and precisely why I was writing to him to air my grievances.

> we can protest and replay..but he is the one that puts us in the box...right or wrong he had the stripes...

Please see my previous comment.

> i do not want to imagine the "chaos" if there were no blocks...

I was not protesting any block whatsoever. What I *did* say was that posters are commonly given PBC's and "please rephrase" options instead of being summarily blocked, as happened to Jim. I feel that it would not have gone amiss for him to have been given this opportunity as well.

Again, I apologize for my shortcomings in explaining myself sufficiently. I hope this helps. On a personal note, I hope you are doing better today.




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