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re: Lar's block

Posted by Dinah on May 29, 2004, at 20:29:11

In reply to re: Lar's block Dr. Bob, posted by lil' jimi on May 29, 2004, at 16:17:36

I understand why Dr. Bob suggested that replies could also be made by email. Many people don't like to be part of confrontations and would prefer to give their input directly to Dr. Bob. And I'm sure what Dr. Bob is looking for is input, and a chance for everyone to be heard. The minority as well as the majority view. I have absolutely no illusions that he will be swayed one way or another by popular opinion, or unpopular opinion either.

And bravo to him for that. Right is not always with might (as in administrator of the site), or with the majority (as in number of posters). Careful consideration after hearing all views seems to me to be a prudent course.

And I see the potential problems in reducing blocks as well as the benefits. It's entirely possible that there will be clamor for the reduction of blocks for popular posters, while not a word will be said in favor of the reduction of blocks for less popular or unpopular posters. I might not agree with Dr. Bob's decisions, but I do think he tries to make ones that are for the overall benefit of the site, however misguided they may appear at times. I think I'd prefer that system to one based on popularity.

Mind you, I adore Lar, and have missed his presence on the board. Even more, I am saddened that he has been hurt by Dr. Bob's blocks.

On the other hand, unlike many of those who have posted here, I am a big fan of blocks, and successive blocks, tempered by Dr. Bob's discretion. I think it's terrific that Dr. Bob doesn't buy the arguments that we can't be held to high standards because we have mental health issues. Heck, the worst boards I've seen have been for supposedly mentally healthy people.

On the other other hand, I appreciate that Dr. Bob *does* frequently temper the automatic doubling with mercy. And in the same spirit, I think it's just fine for him to reduce blocks. As long as he does it openly.

I've used up extra hands, but my general conclusion is that I think it's grand for Dr. Bob to reduce Lar's block. And I also think he should formulate the same sort of informal guidelines he has for setting the length of blocks (other than a simple doubling) to decide whether or not to reduce blocks. So that if there is a public or private clamor to reduce a particular block, he can have an idea of how and why he would consider it.




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