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Re: so many questions..

Posted by spoc on May 29, 2004, at 20:20:16

In reply to so many questions.., posted by justyourlaugh on May 29, 2004, at 18:29:24

> if i do not want to see dr bob go back on his word, does that mean i do not like larry?
> no...
> do i want to see anyone "blocked" ?
> no...

<<<<< I understand what you mean, and I also like people to be true to their word. But I guess here, I'm not seeing a parallel with that. If I remove Larry completely from the equation and look only at whether people should ever be open to amending what they say or not, I would conclude 'yes.' To me it becomes just a matter of how there is usually room (and sometimes need) for improvement, pertaining to everything and everyone. And that no one is perfect or makes perfect decisions. And there is often an instigating factor or event that leads to changes/improvements -- it has to begin with something/someone -- and this just might be it.

Larry's situation seems to fit well as a test case, because the details of his blocks illustrate a lot of the principles being examined here (I'm thinking this whole thing is more about his block history than anything that happened recently, which was a reaction to that). I think his case would be a good one for these purposes even if the matter of whether he is popular or not was separated out of things completely.

True that a lesser known or liked poster of course wouldn't generate the same turnout, but if Dr. Bob specifically asked for feedback here on Admin for any particular case, or even a hypothetical one, then people would oblige. And from what I've seen going back into years-worth of reading here, I give Babblers a lot of credit. I think many would take the request seriously, rise to the occasion, and weigh things more thoughtfully than they may do when simply reading the board or posting for their own purposes.

> does my opinion count regardless if it is not popular?

<<<<< Absolutely! I think people on this thread have been hoping for any such opinions to be expressed, here if possible. Thanks for responding. (And I hope I don't sound as if I fancy myself to be some kind of hostess!) This isn't a popularity thing to me, because I wasn't even here when Larry was present (although a more dedicated archive reader probably doesn't exist, so I have become familiar beyond my 'years'). I don't even know what his presence could have "done" for me or what it would feel like to have him here at the same time as me. Rather, to me it's about principles, the potential for positive change, and prevention of that which is and should be preventable.

> am i able to post even though i may not be as far along in "recovery" as others?
> yes yes yes yes yes and yes!
> jyl

<<<<<< Oh, if that's a factor, I don't know what *I'm* doing here! ;- ) I just like examining worthy issues sometimes (if I have the energy and presence of mind!), even if they haven't yet pertained to me. And I think it's great when debate of some types is seen as a positive thing, rather than a divisive one.




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