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re: Lar's block Dr. Bob

Posted by lil' jimi on May 29, 2004, at 16:17:36

In reply to re: hoover man's block, posted by Dr. Bob on May 29, 2004, at 9:05:18

hi dr.bob,

> > in particular, it seems easy to imagine that some of the majority would feel this is not unlike a thumb of bias is imposing itself on your scales of justice ... tilting the scales against re-instating Lar ... .. if you can see what i mean here?
> >
> > lil' jimi
> I see what you mean, but I'd like everyone to feel comfortable expressing their opinion, and this isn't a vote, anyway...
> > why ask for our blessing?
> >
> > Brio D Chimp
> I'm not asking for your blessing, I'm asking for your feedback.
> Bob

let me thank you, dr. bob, for your responsiveness here because i (we, maybe?) haven't really been sure what we (you) were asking for here ... ... i mean, i see solicting the opinions or consensus of folk here at Admin about Larry as being a predictably foregone conclusion: few if any posters are as appreciated and admired, let alone liked as much as Larry, with excellent cause, to his worthy credit ...

so if we (you) were running a poll or survey here then Larry would have been back (by acclamation) before he left ... ... witness the total unanimity of opinions on this thread ...

can you see how your original inquiry
"How about if I reduce his block from 6 to 4 weeks?" could have been interpreted as a poll? ... ... ... but now we see that we (you) don't want it to be a poll so much ... ... which leads folks to be conflicted (or worse) by this seeming inconsitency/realignment/switcheroo ... ... okay we've been there already ...

but it leaves open for speculation that if we (you) didn't want a poll, then what did (do) we (you) want .. .. .. .. anyway? ... ... sensitive minds want to know, you know?

here's my guess(es):

we (you) are exploring unchartered babblality where we (you) would openly deliberate some certain administrative issues, in particular block reduction(s) ... ...
and instead of a survey, we (you) are looking for a more deliberative process in which two sides more or less debate the issues in a more point versus counterpoint style ... ... wherein the 2-sidedness of the discussion could yeild broad balance of babble opinions ... ... or something like that?

and under these expectaions, we (you) would have to be disappointed when one side fails to show up for the debate to deliberate the issue ...

possibly equally disappointing to us (you) is that for the majority, there are no issues, except how much we love Larry ( a lot! ) and for the vast overwhelming majority (one heck of a lot of us anyway) there is little concern for the subtleties of the consequences on long term babble adminstarion policy concerning possible future ban reduction process(es) ... and separating these issues may be the more effective way we (you, really) would like to have this discussed ... ...

besides Larry's universal popuLARity completely overshadowing our (your) underlying policy issues, there is the palpable discomfort about blocks in general and a separate controversy among posters about their use and their effect ... ... this separate issue gets compounded with babble folks' special feeling toward the block's use against Lar ... ...

any and all of which works to drown out any putative minority sentiments' expression here ...


perahps what we (you) need here is a forum which is designed for two-sided deliberation ... ... posters could have a sign-up for support for each side and each side would be heard ... then ... ... maybe ... ... (maybe not) ...

anyway, can we (you) see how these are all different things that we (i) get confused about especially when all we (i) really want is to free our good friend from his ban?

can you clear us up here so as to help us feel like we are contributing positively to whatever it is that we (you) are expecting here? ... ... no votes are happening, no blessings either, no strength-of-feelings measureing is a concern because we (you) want even the shyest of possible minority responses ...

and i feel that many of this thread's posters are feeling invalidated by a preception that their contrbutions are being diminished by this ambivalence about our (your) process here in this thread ... ...

hey, but all i'm a-doing is just guessing into a near vacuum here ... "maybe, maybe, maybe" ... ... what do i know? can you help clear me (us) up here, please?

and if things do get to work out for Lar getting his reduction ... can we use our credit from our efforts here toward getting him another week decrease, maybe? ...
.... (can't blame a guy for trying!)

until next time,
~ jim




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