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Re: The ump's a bum! finelinebob

Posted by Larry Hoover on May 15, 2004, at 8:54:34

In reply to The ump's a bum! Larry Hoover, posted by finelinebob on May 14, 2004, at 16:46:32

> Pardon me for butting in

I don't see any butting in going on.

> I **am** saying it because people here that I **do** know have jumped in, saying how valuable you are to the community. If your anger pushes you to leave Babbleland, I hope that sometime soon you can step back from it find some perspective for it, and come back ready to give us more of who you are.
> cheers,
> flb

Anger is my secondary emotional response. The primary response is hurt. I don't let anyone question my emotions. Even me.

I'd like to argue that it's irrelevant whether I'm a contributor to the community or not. Logically, I could make that case, but emotionally, it's clearly a factor. In fact, it was my sense of being valued that made the emotional response to being unfairly treated (I have not found a way to any other conclusion) very large indeed.

It has taken me four months, almost, to even be able to talk about what happened in a rational way. I perceive the triple block as an act of violence, excessive and inappropriate. I'm not going to reiterate my arguments for that here.

Your umpire analogy is apt, but only to a point. An umpire rules instantly, but only on things he sees. The home plate umpire goes to e.g. the third plate umpire to rule on whether a batter swung or not. There is a delegation of jurisdiction.

Our "umpire" is often missing in action. Gone for days at a time, and in his place, he has delegates with insufficient knowledge (re: block history, for example) and power. (Aside to Dinah: You do a wonderful and perhaps too thankless job, sweetheart. This is not a criticism of you.)

With respect to coming back or not, I was moving closer to doing so, but only until I saw yet another example of gross inconsistency between what He says and what He does.

I don't care if I'm right, or not. I'm telling you what it's like to be me. I feel unprotected by Bob, when people take character shots at me, and go unpunished. Maybe I'm a little biased about the me part. Whatever. I feel persecuted by Bob, as I feel that I am held to a different standard than other posters are and have been.





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