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Dr. Bob is a hypocrite

Posted by Larry Hoover on May 13, 2004, at 10:23:57

(Sorry in advance for slipping between the second and third person. This message is both to, and about, Dr. Bob.)

I am hurt, and left emotionally vulnerable. (How's that for an I-statement?)

The inconsistent moderation of this site does not protect me, and lets others get away with more egregious acts of incivility against me, than I have *ever* expressed. References? Why, of course.


"I have to say Larry Hoover is not as he seems, I too thought he was a wonderful and thoughtful person till I came up against *his* strict rules."

That feels like a put down to me.

"I have been hurt and assaulted by his attitudes and the people who think Larry " can do no wrong"."

That's not an acceptable I-statement, and is definitely an accusation and a put down.

"I am not suprised at all that he has overstepped his bounds."

That feels like a put down, and is more clearly not an acceptable I-statment.

"Sometimes I thought he could have been sued for the claims he made about products he uses."

That's an accusation of illegal activity.

"He sometimes behaves like a pdoc....telling all what they should take and not take. I was repeatedly surprised that this was *okay*. If he decided what someone should take then he would give a dose level....well that sure looked like perscribing to me."

That's an accusation of criminal misrepresentation.

"I am amazed how he got as far as he got. I have seen people sued for less."

Further libel, reiterating the accusation of legal malfeasance.

"I guess I have wondered how this site was exempt from the legal rules. It sure looked risky."

That feels like a put down, too.

Interesting, isn't it, that the above poster received no rebuke of any sort, despite having been previously warned about uncivil language directed at me, having been asked not to post to me at all (I know that doesn't mean not posting *about* me, but I'm just giving the history), and the comments coming "out of the blue", rather than being in response to something I said.

In my reply to the above, I questioned the morals of posting those (libellous) statements, and posting them while I was blocked and unable to reply (so it just hung there, like a bad smell), and I get triple-blocked for defending my dignity.

And consider this:

"cantancorousness (sic) of Larry-Hoover and Zen-Hussy"

Now, I have looked high and low, and I cannot find any definition of cantankerous which is a compliment. Each and every definition is a put down. Was anything done about it? Nope.

I know zenhussy emailed you to complain. I know others did, as well. And shar brought it up, on this board. You didn't even have the decency to acknowledge those concerns.

What am I to make of this?

The bottom line is that Bob treats me differently than he treats others. According to Bob, it's OK to take direct pot shots at Larry Hoover. (What other interpretation is there?) But if Larry should ever err in style (e.g. passive voice I statements), or in **inferred** content (no consideration of intent), double and triple blocks are in order. Don't even think about a PBC or please rephrase.

Dr. Bob, I've seen you post that you missed me, and your wish that I was still a part of the Babble community.

You disgust me. The simple fact is that I am too much of a challenge to your authority. That I make you think about what you do and how you do it. So you leave me totally unprotected.

I take responsibility for my actions. No one has ever made me post a single word. If I post, and consequences arise, so be it. But I want you to take responsibility too, Bob.

I want you to examine your bias. I want you to stop playing favourites. I want you to acknowledge the harm done by your negligent moderation. I may be particularly vulnerable (That is mine to deal with. But, considering the population here, it's yours to deal with, too.), but your unfairness has hurt me deeply. You ought not to treat me more harshly simply because I have asked you to treat us all the same. And you know very clearly what (and who) I'm talking about.

Although still very conflicted, I had actually considered returning to Babble. Now, I'm asking myself, "What was I thinking?".





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