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Re: poster-initiated boards

Posted by Dr. Bob on January 18, 2004, at 17:09:35

In reply to Re: poster-initiated boards Dr. Bob, posted by shar on January 18, 2004, at 15:52:30

> Well, I think it would validate every accusation newcomers have made. Yech.
> Dinah

> I can't imagine anything causing more hurt feelings on Babble. Or hurt feelings period.
> It reminds me of team picking in high school... I don't know why someone's popularity or unpopularity would have to be made semi-public
> gabbix2

The reality is, there's a difference between newcomers and old-timers. It's definitely an issue, how to help newcomers feel welcome. I think it would depend a lot on how people went about "picking teams".

Is it better if there are "teams" but they're just not made public?

Hmm, what about a board expressly for newcomers?


> Would the PIBs have topics, like the current boards do, or just be a subset of posters who want to be together in relative privacy and have more control over who interacts there?

I was thinking it could be either way. But if there's a lot of interest in a particular topic, maybe it would be nice to open it up?

> Could any poster start a PIB?

I think there would need to be restrictions on who could start these boards. See my previous post...

> It's too bad the PB year boards didn't take off for the 2001 group, because that's sort of a way to get people together who have something in common.

I'm not sure what happened with 2001. Maybe they didn't really feel like a cohort?

> And, I assume, if a PIB is created, there would be no reason newbies couldn't be added if they have a sponsor or the group votes 'yes.'

Right! But just to be clear, I was thinking a sponsor, rather than a vote...

> But, I don't get the part about the sponsor getting blocked because their invitee does.
> Shar

Now I'm not sure that's necessarily the way to go, but the idea is, the sponsor would think twice about whom to invite, and the invitee about what to post.





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