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Navigation and Lingo (Excruciatingly Long)

Posted by shar on July 27, 2003, at 16:16:39

In reply to Redirected: Follow-ups, posted by Dr. Bob on July 27, 2003, at 10:46:21


Post=an individual message, submitted by an individual. This right here is a post. The word post is equivalent to a message. When it's a noun. It can also be a verb like "I tried to post my message but it didn't show up."

Thread=A set of messages, all the posts that are submitted in response to a particular topic. This 'thread' begins with the post titled "Redirected Redirects" and it has a little bullet by it, indicating that it's the beginning of a new topic.

Poster=Someone who submits a post or message.

Board=One of the Babble boards, such as Admin, PsychoBabble 2000, Psycho-Social Babble, Psycho Babble, Psychological Babble, Psycho Babble Faith, etc. Sometimes abbreviations are used for the boards, such as PB for Psycho Babble (the med board) and PSB for Psycho Social Babble.

Site or Website=All of the boards make up this website. Sometimes called (by me, mainly) The Babbles, meaning the whole shebang, all of the boards.

Figuring out where you are: Scroll to the very top of where you are, using the scroll bar, and there should be a title or note that helps you determine if you are on a board (it'll have the title of the board) or reading a message or post (it'll have the title of the post).

Another way to find out 'where you are' on this website is to look at the address that shows in the window of your web browser (at least Internet Explorer shows it).

Where it has the URL such as . That URL means you're on the admin board. Each board has its own URL that should be clear enough to tell you where you are. The med board ends with the piece.

All the other boards have some sort of name after /babble like or
or ...well I can't remember the one for social, it might just be

If you are on a board, such as social or admin, you can get to other boards by scrolling to the top or bottom of the board you're on, and then clicking on the link (which is the name of the board) for the board you want to go to.

For example, if you are on Admin and want to go to the meds board, you can scroll to the top or bottom of the Admin Board and see the word Psycho Babble, and it should be blue (or it is for me) and click on it, and you will be taken to the meds board.

A URL that shows you are reading a message (or post) will have the URL of the board, plus "msgs" somewhere in it, plus the number of the message (or post). For an admin message or post it would be like:
with a different set of numbers at the end of each message.

If you are reading a message (or post), you can only get back to the board the message is from. You can scroll down and at the end of the message it will have a link to click on to get you back to the board you were on. I don't think you can be reading a message from admin, and get to the social board from there. You'd have to go back to the admin board, then click on psycho-social babble.

A URL that shows you are in the midst of posting a message (like I am now) will be something like: . I can't do anything from here except post (submit your post) or reset, and reset would erase this oh-so-wonderful and incomprehensible post, giving me a clean slate to start over on. If I use the "back" button on my browser from here, I always lose my post (I don't know if this is true for everyone).

This is very basic, I hope it makes sense, and I hope it's accurate!! It's great to read the FAQ's also. That's all I can think of and this may hurt more than help. Just thought I'd give it a shot, and try to splain a bit.





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