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Decidedly Against Deputy Monitor Posting Police

Posted by shar on September 12, 2002, at 0:44:48

In reply to Re: Thanks Judy, posted by Dinah on September 11, 2002, at 20:43:21

...or whatever we will call them. Psycho Babble, as a site, has become more restrictive and we already have people making long intros before they state their opinions so as to (one hopes) avoid a PBC or block. Communication has become cumbersome, more veiled, less direct (even when direct NE uncivil but *MIGHT* be perceived that way), so that a thought becomes a tangle of a little bit of the idea, an apology, pointing out it is not directed at anyone in particular, plus toss in some paranoia because the guidelines aren't that clear anymore...and, voila, an incomprehensible mess(age)!

I agree a few posters get way out on the edge, and need to be dealt with, and I don't have a big investment in who deals with them. However, I am not interested in having a lot of "be careful" and "watch the tone" posts, either, in the name of preventing a problem--no matter who makes them. Except that if Dr. Bob makes them, it's his board and he can do what he wants. It is too reminiscent of the kid who got to "take names" when the teacher left the room, even if just to step out into the hall. Or, always being under the watchful eye of "Mom" or "Dad" who wants to steer everyone away from even the hint of impropriety well before it is even a glimmer in a teenager's eye, so eventually everyone quits talking.

It is as if the goal of the boards is now 'flat affect.' Which, of course, doesn't make sense to me on a board that deals with emotions, a full range of emotions, and emotions that are in response to what others say. The guidelines are so broad now, to be civil is akin to being either supportive or neutral. Anything beyond that, and one risks a block, even if one is only expressing a personal opinion about an IDEA. And I do want to add that blocking for humor added a whole new dimension to the notion of what now constitutes "civility."

Now for my standard disclaimers, that none of this is directed at anyone in particular, and Dinah did a very good job when she filled in for Dr. Bob, and I hope nobody takes any of this personally because it is not meant that way, I am just hoping to express ideas that are against a proposed action and thus not "happy" ideas, but without harmful intent, not trying to make anyone feel put down or ill at ease, not criticizing anyone while at the same time trying to express my opinion about deputy monitor posting police force.


P.S. Yes, this would decidedly affect one's research outcomes, and if adopted permanently would require a change in hypotheses and lots of explaining etc., OR you could just end Study A the day before the change is effective, and start Study B the day after the change with new hypotheses. I've seen a fair amount of that in my professional life.




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