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Re: Really fatigued by risperidone and paroxetine SLS

Posted by Jay2112 on August 28, 2023, at 21:46:33

In reply to Re: Really fatigued by risperidone and paroxetine Jay2112, posted by SLS on August 16, 2023, at 7:50:03

Hi Scott,

Yes, and amphetamine has also helped me with severe grief in the past, too. I remember during the winter after my parents passed within a year of each other, and one episode in particular. I had stopped Dexedrine for over a month, and was on just Zyprexa and amitriptyline. I had a very, very terrible 2 days, with tons of snow, and I had to shovel my way out of my parent's large lot, and had fearfully driven the car out into the city to get food and gas. The snow made me fearful I would get trapped somewhere, and something terrible would happen. Well, I did end up blowing a tire in the outskirts, and cellphoned for the Automobile Association to come change my tire. (I was trembling with fear, crying that I wouldn't be able to get home and feed my beloved dog.) The AA arrived, changed the tire, and the technician must have thought I was insane! (I was!! lol). I fearfully navigated home, burst into the house, kissed my dog, and just blew right out into tears. Nothing would stop me crying....and then I decided I MUST take my Dexedrine! I did, and within a half an hour, the tears slowed, and I felt some composure. NOW, I know that sounds eerrily like addiction, but this was very particular to this incident. Otherwise, if I hadn't gone out, I likely would have been fine!

To this day (I now use Adderall) I still take the medication. I have found a trio that works...Adderall, Effexor (150) and Cipralex/Lexapro (20). And, I am also on clonazapam, Lyrica, Risperdal, and Suboxone. Yes, it's a lot of medication, but I meet many clients (I work in a shelter) and read of many on Facebook whom are on similar, if not more meds. I don't care if I had to double it to keep my sanity and happiness. I think the human brain is so complex, many need more than just a few medications. I now have a great job (even if I am still on disability) and am branching out to create some new great relationships. Yes, I still sometimes get tears and scared, but they pass, and I move on.

And....last but NOT least....I have a cancerous skin lesion growing on my face. I could have been so scared to do something stupid. But, with the help of my psychiatrist (he suggested adding the escitalopram since a few years ago, it worked awesome with the Effexor..synergystically, it seems) and my therapist (practicing the 'here and now'...not yesterday, or tomorrow)..I am doing quite good. My therapist mentioned this last week. Now, with my med combo, I do experience some mild hypomanias, but, they are very controllable. And, I don't have crashing depressions. The hypomania feels good after some very bad depressions. My Risperdal also quashes the hypomania quite good as well.

So, I have surgery (day surgery) on Sept 7th to freeze and cut out the lesion, and hopefully all of the cancer. As well, if it doesn't get all the cancer, they can repeat the procedure.

Yes, I still, in brief spurts, get the darker feeling, but I feel weird as it sounds. I honestly think it is our mind, our perception that is our worst enemy.

Jay (I am now going to take my Risperdal, and meditate/relax :)

> Hi, Jay.
> Your observations regarding amphetamine and your improvement in agoraphobia amazes me. It's a perfect answwer to Jaxter's dilemma - even if it doesn't work.
> - Scott
> > Hi Jackie,
> >
> > I was on Paxil, risperdone, and Adderall (a stimulant) and suffer from agoraphobia as well. The Adderall was amazing for my agoraphobia, suprisingly, and it helped with the fatigue from the Paxil and risperdone. Not sure if your doctor is up to it or not, but Adderall, and Vyvanse are very well tolerated stimulants. (I get bad panic attacks, and they don't increase them if you go with a low dose.)
> >
> > Any other questions, let me know!
> >
> > Best,
> > Jay

Humans punish themselves endlessly
for not being what they believe they should be.
-Don Miguel Ruiz-




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