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Re: Meds for severe anxiety Jay2112

Posted by tensor on February 15, 2023, at 3:47:19

In reply to Re: Meds for severe anxiety tensor, posted by Jay2112 on February 14, 2023, at 21:34:18

>> Can you get a powerful, high potency benzo like Xanax (alprazolam) or Ativan (lorazepam) at a bit of a higher dose...even just for this trip? (2-3 mgs) These work really, really well for anxiety and panic attacks. I thought I was going to DIE of heart palpitations, and they are like a calming bullet! Much, much more striking than clonazepam (I am on that for GAD). Also, do you have nabilone (synthetic version of THC) in Finland? It works really well.

Yes, I have tried Xanaz 1-4mg but it's not my molecule, like I get sedated but not much anxiolytic effect, I don't like diazepam either for similar reasons.

> As well, it's not THAT spectacular, but Choline helps my anxiety greatly. Look it up on Reddit. I too take Lyrica, but have maxed out the dose. I used to feel really good on 600mg' it does little for me. Do you have addiction doctors in Finland? Tell them you are addicted to your opioids, and you can get on morphine, suboxone, or even slow-release morphine, if you are lucky ;).

No, this is not a path to take, I have been very careful to not abuse drugs so doctors trust me. It's hard to get pregabaline as it is without abuse history. Re Lyrica, this is why I would only take it PRN. But I still need something more to bring down my anxiety baseline on a daily basis.

> Magnesium biglycinate helps my anxiety as well, and a hit-or-miss is l-taurine. I have heard many good things about the probiotic l. reuteri. It apparently helps the production of the love chemical oxytocin, making you feel relaxed and comfortable. I haven't tried it yet, but am on testosterone, vitamin e, folic acid, which are supposed to increase your body's production of oxytocin. (Not to be confused with oxycontin..LOL..but I imagine you probably knew that.)

I take plenty of supps, esp folic acid, D3 (~110 mcg), fish oil, B-vitamins and minerals.

> I am always on the lookout for new GABA agonist drugs. Lyrica WAS a real awesome med for me at onetime.
> Very similar to mine! I got dx'ed GAD and Panic Attacks, on top of Bipolar 2 and Aspergers. I am going to try back on the SRI Viibryd. It didn't make my anxiety worse, and I felt comfortable in my skin. My GAD also has agoraphobic qualities, and the more I bury myself inside, the more I don't want to go out. But, testosterone has helped that a bit. You also might want to get your testosterone levels checked, and a panel of all of your vitamins/minerals.

I asked my doc once about a testosterone test but he didn't seem to think it was needed.

> But, I know that you are being chased and can't enjoy life. Have you tried stimulants? ADD/ADHD often has a depressive AND anxiety component to it. Amphetamine actually REDUCED my anxiety. But, you need the benzo's to calm down a bit. Also, Tegretol (carbamazapine) seems to work well when you can't get your anxiety to stop. I like it better than Trileptil.(SP?)

I have taken modafinil for a year and it was extremely powerful in terms of energy, it single-handedly allowed me to work for one extra year. Did help with SP and became more outgoing, but not so much for GAD/PD, actually made me nervous. Also tried Concerta but only got a bit elevated pulse. Amphetamines would probably only be possible to get if you had severe ADHD and nothing else worked. Tegretol's s/e profile scares me tbh. You get any relief from Trileptal?

> Just some thoughts...hope they help. Any questions..please ask away! :)

Thanks :)




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