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Re: Choose any 4 drugs to combine for remission. » undopaminergic

Posted by SLS on January 18, 2023, at 16:52:35

In reply to Re: Choose any 4 drugs to combine for remission., posted by undopaminergic on January 18, 2023, at 6:51:13

> > How do you get a drug that has never been marketed? 'Viqualine'? Do you know why it wasn't marketed?
> >
> I found this:
> There are probably more sites offering it. It can be expensive though.
> -undopaminergic

I can't believe that viqualine is available at all. It was never marketed anywhere in the world. I tried all three drugs in the Pharmuka PK50xx series of compounds. Only Indalpine came to market, and that was in France.

If you read the first paragraph, it mentions Baron Shopsin, MD. As my doctor beginning in 1983, I was one of the first guinea pigs to be treated with any kind of of serotonergic drug in the United States. Dr. Shopsin treated people outright (not blinded) with Indalpine, along with two other serotonergic compounds in development by Pharmuka of France. If you recall from my second lengthy "Consider the Source" post edit, I detailed my time as a patient of Dr. Baron Shopsin. Shopsin was a member of the first generation of psychopharmacologists, from whom I gained advanced knowledge of both clinical and biological psychiatry. Baron Shopsin was actually a protege of Nathan Klein at New York University. Klein is credited as being "the father of psychopharmacology". It is likely that I was the only person in the world to be exposed to all three compounds.

The following were the series of serotoninergic drugs in development by Pharmuka. They are listed in the order in which I tried them (Prozac was nowhere to be found):

1. Indalpine: is a serotonin reuptake inhibitor. It was the only one of the Pharmuka serotonergic series that was approved for marketing as an antidepressant. I believe France was the only country where it was made available.

2. Viqualine (PK5058) had both serotonin reuptake inhibition and serotonin releasing properties.

3. PK-5079 (as best as I can remember the number) was a serotinin releaser without serotonin reuptake inhibiting properties.

Just for instructional purposes, the first true SSRI to be marketed anywhere in the world was zimelidine (Zelmid) in 1982. I don't think it made its way outside of Europe. Most people have never heard of zimelidine. The reason for this is that zimelelidine was immediately withdrawn from market by the manufacturer once reports of GuillainBarré syndrome surfaced. In Europe, after zimelidine came fluvoxamine, and afterwards came fluoxetine. Fluoxetine was marketed in U.S. as Prozac. When the manufacturer of fluvoxamine (Luvox) finally made the decision to sell it in in the U.S., they figured that there were already enough "me-too" SSRI antidepressants being sold in the U.S. The company and opted to approve it for obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) instead. It was a wide-open niche.

- Scott

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