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Re: Psiloscybin

Posted by alexandra_k on April 20, 2021, at 3:17:57

In reply to Re: Psiloscybin, posted by alexandra_k on April 20, 2021, at 2:56:43

typical anti-depressants are not very nice things to be taking, for sure.

i feel bad because many people suffer from depression and they hope for a cure... or they feel hopless that there isn't one.

and they maybe start to feel hope about research like this...

like how the rabbit in the video was hopeful about how the experiments on him would make a difference to people...

i don't think that scientifically respectable researchers would really hold much hope that LSD would help with depression.

i do think that people are very motivated to make money off of LSD like how people made money off opiates and the like...

i am remembering now why i didn't finish a science degree in new zealand.

majoring in physiology meant there was a compulsory third year course where we were required to deliver something to a sheep to stop the heart... and then revive the heart with adrenalin (if we could). and then do something to stop the heart... and then revive teh sheep with adrenalin (if we could). until the sheep would be revived never again.

we were required to do that and write up what we had done in order to get a Bachelor of Science (Physiology) from the University of AUckland. And I didn't want to do that / be part of that.

I wanted to do Medicine to help people. Not to torture sheep to death.

So I went to Otago...

Anatomy. I was going to do... Because people gave consent to donate their body to science. So I didn't think I would be forced to spend my tiem torturing animals. Only... We had to do zebra fish embryology research... And learn about rat ovulation... ANd so on... They wouldn't let you complete a science Degree withotu your being fairly seriously implicated in the whole animal research / torture / experimentation thing...

Even the bodies we had... They werent' processing the bodies from donors. We were learning from unlabeled or incorrectly labelled specimens that nobody seemed to know where they came from. Plastinated from... India. They recknoned. The bones of who knows who. We didn't even know (couldn't tell and they weren't labelled) male or female half the time. Random collections of teeth.

There were bowls of water. You were supposed to wash your hands. It's part of Maaori culture even. Tapu. Cleanse with water. But nodbody did.

You were supposed to not eat your lunch in the room with the plastinated speciments. The organs in pickle jars. But people regularly did.

I wanted to do the third year course without doing the second year course because I had covered the content of the second year course in previous courses. THey wouldn't let me. I wrote him back and said 'I was going to pay teh Univesrity money to do the third year course. You tried to force me to do the second year course first. Now I leave the Univesrity and you don't get any money from me for either course. Good job!!'

I went to a few research talks that seemed... Honest. Legit. Then soemthing happened adn... I don't know who it was... The DHB? I don't know. Then it was weird marketing weirdness. It got taken over by something policitical. THe message had been... Washed??

There may be some things in NZ but I (in particular) have been tagged with some kind of exclusion thing whereby I am not to see it and am certainly not to be part of it.

I see the vast thickness of... Idiocy research. STupidity. Morally deprived.

I went to a talk by a girl who seemed pleasant enough... But she found herself (at the behest of her supervisor) immobilising rats. Padding their cages so they couldn't climb the walls. Apparently that's what the rats will do without a treadmill. So they padded their cages to prevent them climbing the walls. They wanted to study muscle atrophy, you see. They wanted to make a model of a human coma patient. They wanted to force coma upon rats and study them in their state of coma.

You know, until they get to induce comas on people and study that...

She chose to do those things in order to get her Degree. She got her Degree. And I guess I thought... Yeah... But she won't get a job in academia because she's a person who will torture other bebcause... TO get her Degree. Because her supervisor told her to?

Many other studnets like that.

That's what there seems to be...

I knew a guy in Australia who got to do Medicine after torturing 7 cats. Holding their skulls steady while he inserted electrodes to try and take single cell recordings of pyramidal neurones while they look at visual spatial gratings.

To crack the neural code.

Because if we could hear a neurone speak it would say...




He tortured 7 cats and then he got to start studying Medicine. But there was something funky where they didn't give him his PhD... He was needing to return to the ANU because they were keeping him enrolled / working past the time he was supposed to because...

I don't know if he ever got his Medical Degree. To be fair.

Maybe he didn't.

I don't know.




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