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Re: Why Did ASTRA ZENECA change name to Vaxzevria? Phillipa

Posted by alexandra_k on April 10, 2021, at 21:33:10

In reply to Re: Why Did ASTRA ZENECA change name to Vaxzevria? alexandra_k, posted by Phillipa on April 10, 2021, at 19:04:07

> So you read some of the link I posted then.

Yes, I did take a look. Thankyou for posting it.

> Those were requested by the government, drug companies, doctors so they would know if the vaccines were safe for authorization.

I see.

There is supposed to be a way of reporting side-effects of medications.

There wasn't... So Babble Medication Board came to be...

But that is what that is... A notification system, of sorts. The US one...

> I do think more complaints with Moderna with rashes and feeling cold.

Okay. But a great many more people have been given Moderna in the US rather than any other type. I think. So one would expect to see more people registering side-effects. For example, if 2x as many people were given Moderna vaccine then even if the side-effect profile was the same as another kind of vaccine the other kind of vaccine would only have 1/2 as many complaints.

I would take feeling cold and having a bit of a rash over blood clots. Any day of the week :) Unless the rash is indicating bleeding out, of course...

> As for the immigrants and lower classes not having access to vaccines. Mobile units are going out to talk to the people to reassure them that they are safe. No personal information is given no address just age and name for contact. No papers need to be shown. And the people are getting their vaccines by those they trust some mobile clinics in churches they attend others at the malls.

The trouble is... How do we know the vaccines are actually going to these undocumented needy people in the USA rather than... I don't know... Being sold on the black market to the elite officials over in India or South Africa or...

It's easier to get face masks to Canada and South America than to Iowa...

It's more lucrative to sell them on the black market than to give them to undocumented people who are undocumented therefore there are no records.

I think... Moderna... I think they have the capacity to track the vaccines. With the cold store. Maybe more. Maybe by crate. Maybe... Even... Just maybe... By vial.

> Lots of doctors here just have private practices of their own.

Yeah. It's hard and expensive. The set-up costs. Health and safety accreditation. Liability insurance. The expense of buildings. The expense of Medical supplies. Etc. I think that's why most people are stuck a bit working for a major hospital. University hospital. Federal or State hospital. Whaetever. I mean.. You can't just set up an OR in your basement.

> My own endo and 89 other doctors left the hospital they were originally employed by to form their own practice together as a team all specialties so they could deliver good patient care.

89 is a lot.

They were probably all related... Lol. I don't know. They likely all buyed / brought in. LIterally. Distributed the risk.

> Same insurances are taken by them. So the government does not employ all the doctors.

Yeah, I know. There are private hospitals. It becomes an issue, then (to my mind at least) how they source their organs / blood products / plasma etc. To ensure they aren't taking from the PUBLIC system for PRIVATE advantage (that would be corrupt).

> As for the vaccines now Pfizer has submitted to vaccinate children from age 7 - 12 I think it is. Their studies should that in this age group they vaccines are l00% effective in preventing Covid.

Okay. And that's supposed to prevent transmission? Kids weren't getting sick of Covid, I didn't think... So... Uh... Why are we vaccinating them, again?




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