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Re: Why Did ASTRA ZENECA change name to Vaxzevria?

Posted by alexandra_k on April 10, 2021, at 17:52:25

In reply to Re: Why Did ASTRA ZENECA change name to Vaxzevria?, posted by alexandra_k on April 10, 2021, at 17:41:10

I see how it is, here, with the boards and the managers.

The managers doing the hirings and the firings. The managers deciding whether the doctors will have jobs at all (and how much they will pay them). Whether they will pay them to do the job in the public hospital -- or whether they will pay them more to sub-contract for the job to be done privately. The same doctors. Just about whether they have to work in the public hospital or whether they get to work off-site in a private hospital.

And I see... It's family.

I remember reading something about the A2 milk thing... Before they were merged with / taken over by Fonterra. When they were atually independent. There was a thing about cows producing milk that lacked a protein they wanted to blame lactose intolerance on, or something like that. That had far reaching implications for breeding cows for different traits than had been done before. Lots of money tied up. The potential to move or shift milk from large volume production to less volume higher quality... Someone died. In strange circumstances. Someone young. In a motel or hotel room, I think. Then, a bit later there was a merger.

A couple died recently. Stabbed by someone. Upstanding members of the Indian community. She worked in something to do with Pharmacology. A support services kind of a role. He worked in something to do with Education. Helping people come to NZ to get an education to get into pharmacology (or Medicine). That kind of a thing. This big thing about how they moved into the grammar zone for the schooling and their kid graduated from Massey with an Engineering Degree...

A manager of a hospital in South Auckland died. At home. Her husband (a doctor) was a person of suspicion... He tells the media (even though he has been advised not to speak by his lawyer) this big story about how everything was perfect...

And about how she had been vaccinated twice.

I suppose their whole family had been.

I suppose it's fake news...

But I also suppose that that's what the 'vaccinating front line workers and their families' looks like.

And the doctors who are earning the big bucks working in their private hospitals treating the elite people on the taxpayers public dime... They are teh family of the managers and the board of directors and the like.

And, of course, that's why you get into health. Hospitals. Medicine. TO grubbity grub grub grub up all the resources for you and your family. Helping you, helping you, helping me help myself to you.

Is all there is.

Which is to say there really isn't anything, at all.

I mourn the loss of human potential. All the things that could have been except for the psychopaths ruining the things for us all.




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